2020 Autumn Bar Trends

One in four people said they experienced loneliness as a result of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, with lockdown easing and people finally allowed to see friends, family and colleagues outside of their homes, there is no surprise there has been an influx of visits to pubs, bars and restaurants. Since ‘Super Saturday’ (the day pubs and bars could open), patrons have flocked to their doors to share their lockdown stories with friends over cocktails and chips.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and ensure that customers are choosing your bar for their next evening out, then you need to think about the little things. For example, the way you arrange your seating could increase your capacity and ensure the safety of your patrons, while bringing in entertainment like contactless pool tables can bring friends together in your venue while contactless payments and apps will make for faster and safer ordering. Here, we explain how you can do this.

Picnic Tables

Your bar may have previously been open plan with lots of space for dancing and socializing and a few tables bordering the room. Now, things will have to change if you want your patrons to feel safe and socially distance in your venue. One trend we are seeing from bars wishing to stay open safely this autumn is introducing picnic tables. With restrictions placing a limit on the number of households or people who can meet one another in different areas of the country, creating socially distanced seating is vital.

Picnic tables provide the perfect amount of space for small groups to visit your bar safely. They can remain at their table, and avoid the risk of bumping into people on a dancefloor or by the bar. The atmosphere may be more toned down with less dancing, but with the right entertainment and music, it can still be a fantastic evening for your patrons.


Music-wise, the best and most popular form of entertainment for years, has been the digital jukebox. With thousands of songs on a digital database across the decades, a jukebox for hire provides your patrons with the chance to choose the soundtrack to their night out. This is an autumn bar trend which lasts the seasons. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party, a student night or a Halloween get-together, a jukebox is a great way to add some atmosphere.

With safety during the pandemic in mind, you will be conscious about how to keep your entertainment machines safe. We suggest having someone disinfect the machines, and encourage patrons to use hand sanitizer before use. Introduce these rules with a contactless pool table too. Payment can be made via contactless card, reducing the chance of contamination and making it easier for your millennial patrons who don’t carry as much cash to pay to play. After each new group uses the table, have a staff member wipe down the table and cues to be safe. Contactless pool tables for hire are relatively new, and we are the first in the North West to offer such machines. They will be a massive hit in autumn onwards as bars look for more entertainment during these club-less times, as well as safer ways to pay.

App Orders

Speaking of safe payments, many restaurants and bars are now encouraging their patrons to order via mobile apps from the safety of their tables. Bars have been closed off to reduce contact between customers, and instead, people can order their drinks and food from their phone. If you have the budget for such an app to be developed, then this is great, as you can keep this form of ordering even as Covid-19 starts to relinquish its hold on our lives. It frees up more time for staff to clean the venue, stock up or carry out other duties.

By ordering via an app, you can also reduce the number of cash payments you receive, and therefore contact between staff and patrons. People can pay with their card details on the app, for quick, secure and safe payments. Ideally, keep a contactless card reader on hand just in case older patrons who don’t use phone apps need to pay, as well as for any times the app may have bugs or not work correctly. Mobile apps are an autumn bar trend we will see grow in popularity throughout the year and beyond as bars rely on them to keep customers safe and orders coming in. Start looking into developing your own if you want to keep up with your competitors.

Check out our website today to learn more about Amusement Leisure and the fantastic range of entertainment machines we have to offer your bar. If you want to keep your customers entertained at your venue, then jukeboxes and contactless pool tables are a great way to encourage family and friend groups to meet up and have some safe fun.

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