4 Top Hospitality Trends Of 2019

We’re well into 2019, and as with every new year, it’s important to take stock of the upcoming trends in the entertainment and hospitality sector that we might want to get involved within our own pubs and bars.

Health & Wellness

First up is the rise of health-conscious customers. In many UK pubs and bars, healthy food and drink options are proving to be an excellent way to engage with potential customers and increase footfall. People are looking out for a space to relax and catch up where they can enjoy good quality, healthy food. If you don’t serve meals in your venue, there are still ways to get involved with healthy snack options like popcorn and food that caters to people with dietary requirements like vegans or people with a gluten, nuts or dairy intolerance.

Some bars are ensuring that they have vegan drink options and alcohol-free skinny beers as options for their customers too. Some popular choices to look into include the Erdinger non-alcoholic beer and even expanding your range into 2.5% beers too.


Last year saw a huge push for non-plastic straws and more sustainable choices. Locality and seasonality are key – why not consider some limited-edition collaborations with your local breweries? Your customers want to relax in a place that is trying its best to be environmentally conscious. So, working harder to get your produce locally and advertising this can be a great way to entice your customers in – not to mention it is great for the world too!

2019 has also seen a significant growth in brewers converting from bottles to cans which is a trend you should definitely consider bringing to your venue. Cans are lighter and take less energy to recycle than glass which makes them a great choice this year.

Personalised customer service

Customer service has always been important, but no more so than in recent years. Especially if you serve craft beers and a range of different alcohols. This year make sure your staff know their stuff in order to sell those products and engage in real conversations with your customers who have a genuine interest in drinks.

2019 has brought the trend of getting the essentials right. The most significant competition is now the stay-at-home market who can have a great time at home – you need to offer something more to your customers – a good atmosphere, great food and drink and personalised customer service if you want your venue busy.

Make it entertaining for your customers.

In the same way as personalised service, your customers need to be getting something they can’t get at home easily. Why not consider running events like gin and rum masterclasses, or wine & food tasting nights to draw customers into your venue? People want fun, sociable and Instagrammable moments when they are out with their friends – so provide this for them!

Having entertainment at your venue is key. Pool tables, fruit machines and jukeboxes can really help to set your pub or bar apart from the crowd. Machines like these also mean that customers opt to socialise regularly at your venue as they know they will be entertained.

This is also great for you as the longer they stay in your pub, the more they will spend behind the bar – not to mention the money being spent in the actual machines.

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