5 Things To Book For Your New Year’s Eve Event

New Year’s Eve is often the biggest party night of the year, with family and friends gathering at home, at parties or in town to celebrate the start of a new year. So, why not host a party this year and have a night to remember surrounded by those you love, tasty food and fantastic entertainment? However, if you want to have a party everybody talks about for months to come, you need to make sure that you are booking only the best.

Read on for our top five things to book for your New Year’s Eve event this year, whether you are throwing a party for family or even hosting a work event.


The first of the five things to book for your New Year’s Eve event is the venue. You need an excellent venue for your New Year’s Eve party if you want to invite all of your friends and family and have an amazing night. You might consider hosting the party at your house, but you have to think about the noise and capacity as your home will probably be too small for your big ideas. You can find a variety of venues in various sizes in your area, from places like local pubs and community centres to more high-end locations like renting out clubs, party venues and hotels. Set a budget and have a look around for some different options. You can make your decision based on how much you want to spend and how many people you want to invite.


You will want some fantastic entertainment at your New Year’s Eve party to keep your guests happy, excited and dancing all night long. You might consider a typical DJ to get the room loud and fill the dancefloor, but there can be some cons to this. Some DJs like to play MC and hog the mic all night long or veer off your playlist, while others might not bring enough excitement into the room.

A jukebox, however, is the perfect alternative that not only gives you music but it also brings entertainment and a focal point to your guests too. A digital jukebox for hire lets your guests choose which songs they want to listen to, making them more likely to get up and dance. Not only that but from their beautiful designs, they can be a real theme-creator.


When planning your New Year’s Eve event, you need to consider everything that your guests will require. Food is something important as it keeps your guests happy and energetic for the whole night. You don’t want to spend hours during the party topping up snack bowls or making food as you want to enjoy the night with your friends and family.

Hiring a catering company can be the perfect solution; it will help take work off of your hands and ensure that the food is extra tasty. Catering companies are experienced in looking after a large number of guests and keeping them fed all night long. So, sit back and relax and hire a company who can make your New Year’s Eve party even tastier.

Photo Booth

A cool way to get your guests in the mood to party and have fun is to hire a photo booth for your New Year’s Eve party. A photo booth is a perfect way to get your guests together and socialise, even with people that they might not have met before. Friends meet family and pose together for an array of photos that they can keep forever to remember this night.

You can have different types of photo booths for your party based on your budget. A fully built, box photo booth like you find in some clubs and venues or a backdrop and camera; either way, you can make it as simple or as extravagant as you desire, providing that you have props and costumes available for guests to use in the photos.

Firework Display

When we think of New Year’s Eve, we think of the countdown to midnight, and the subsequent fireworks set off across the country. So, why not create your own display this year at your event to give a special surprise to your guests. Trying to do your own fireworks display beyond a catherine wheel and a handful of fireworks can be hard, so why not let someone else – a professional – do it for you.

A fireworks display can be the thing that tips your event over the edge from fun to excellent; making it the perfect send off to the year before. With professionals setting off fireworks promptly, perhaps even to music, you can create a fantastic display that welcomes the new year in style.

Are you all clued up on what 5 things to book for your New Year’s Eve event are? Hire some amazing entertainment for your New Year’s Eve event with a digital jukebox. By following the advice and tips from above, you can have a fantastic night surrounded by friends and family. Check out our website to learn more about our services.

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