Contactless Pool Tables: The Future Of Pool

We might have crawled under the table feet and lived off packets of crisps in the pubs during our youth, but as we have aged, we use these venues for meeting friends and family and enjoying a few pints. There are a few things that seem allied with the image of a pub; a landlord, a swinging sign outside and the pool table nestled in a corner. 

A pool table usually only needs a couple of quid to play, but as we enter the digital age, we rely more on contactless payments and online banking. It is very rare that we carry cash, with one in 10 adults in the UK going ‘cashless’. This is especially due to the rise of pick-pocketers, the convenience of easy payments and the risk of losing money- especially when we’ve had one or two!

But, fear not venue-owners, this new way to pay doesn’t have to affect your business. We have a solution that will keep your locals happy and even bring an influx of new customers to your venue. Our new contactless pool tables make it easy for your customers to pay cash or card for a game of pool, and for you, it keeps the beer flowing as they enjoy several matches. Read on to learn more about our new machines and how it can significantly benefit your venue from the get-go!

Contactless Pool Tables

Contactless pool tables are the best thing to be invented since sliced bread, and we’re not exaggerating at all. It makes paying for a game of pool as easy as the tap of a card. No more shoving hands in pockets and under booth cushions trying to find spare change for the table. All your customers have to do is take out their card, tap it on the contactless attachment and then challenge their fellow friends to a game.

We are the first in the North West to offer not only a contactless pool table but a dual-table which accepts cash and card. We are proud to be at the forefront of this new step in entertainment and we want to use this technology to help take your pub from a small local to a well-known establishment that brings in continuous patrons.

Don’t Miss Out on Money

As many of us don’t tend to carry cash, having the spare change to play pool with can be hard to come by. And although the costs to pay for a game of pool are relatively cheap, if people don’t have the change, they can’t play. The payments that you are missing out on can add up, and soon, a large amount of profit is missing from your business.

You can guarantee that you are always making a profit from your pool table by renting one of our contactless tables. Your patrons no longer need cash on them to play, and you reap the benefits with the increased revenue.

Encourage More People to Play

Contactless pool tables can encourage more people to play pool in your venue because of the ease of it. Rather than asking friends for cash or spending your bus money on a game, you can use the money in the bank to fund your fun and friendly competition. With contactless payments, you encourage groups of people to challenge each other in games and tournaments. By being able to pay for themselves easily, they are more likely to pop down weekly for a games night.

Become a Favourite Venue

By renting a contactless pool table from us, you can make your pub or venue the place to be. Rather than being the local which a few regulars attend, you can become a venue for people from every end of town. With a contactless pool table, you have something unique and recent to bring new customers in and keep regulars around.

Some pubs might have beer and sports to offer their patrons, but with a contactless pool table, you will set the bar higher and stand out from the crowd. With entertainment to keep customers in your venue all night long, you are profiting not only from the pool table games but also the food and drink that they purchase while spending so much time in your venue.

Set the Prices Yourself

Another fantastic benefit of our contactless pool tables is that they are on a profit-share basis, and the venue can set the cost per game. This means that you can choose to set peak and off-peak prices to maximise your profits during the busiest times of the week. The prices change according to your desires and needs. Busy Saturday night? Boost the rates a little and reap the benefits. Or you can make the prices higher during off-peak times and lower them during busy nights when more people are likely to play if it’s cheaper. Set the prices and see how this works for your business, changing the prices when you see necessary.

This helps you control your finances like a business and create a clear idea and plan for your future. 

Check out our website today to learn more about our contactless pool tables and other entertainment machines that you can hire for your venue. With the right entertainment solutions, you can boost your revenue and keep your customers happy.

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