Digital jukebox hire

Our digital jukebox hires not only provide customers with a more interactive experience but also help to create a livelier atmosphere, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. And it's not just the profits from the jukebox itself that you can count on!

By keeping customers entertained and happy, they are more likely to stay longer and spend more on additional bar sales, further driving up profits.

Whether your a pub, bar, leisure space, or a corpate landscape, our products are avaible to whomever needs them, at anytime.

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A wide selection of gaming and amusement machines - a range of prices, deals and options to suit you.

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Paul at Amusement Leisure has been nothing short of fantastic. They installed a slot machine hire into our venue and it's brought a significant amount of additional revenue into the business. ‚Äč
Adam Lewis
General Manager
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