Fresh Ideas to Bring in New Customers: Bar Edition

After several long months of temporarily closing your business’s doors, getting everything up and running again can be challenging. Covid-19 has proved a particularly difficult time financially and emotionally for business owners in the hospitality sector; no wonder the prospect of opening up is daunting.

Between having to abide by all of the Government’s guidelines for social distancing and maintaining rigorous cleaning protocols to instil high levels of hygiene, coming up with new and exciting ideas to encourage footfall can feel like a task too many. But, don’t panic! It may feel overwhelming right now, however, keep reading and let us arm you with fresh and quirky marketing ideas to help your pub entice all your old regulars and more!

We have put together four easy but effective ways your bar can attract new customers. And, you never know, after reading our tips, you may feel inspired to come up with a few of your own too! 

Incorporating a food eating challenge into your bar or pub is an excellent way of putting your business on the map.

You can get lots of customers through your door by advertising on social media platforms about your eating challenge, as there are plenty of people out there looking to have some fun where food is concerned. 

Another reason to consider incorporating food eating challenges is their ability to enhance your brand’s image. By designing a menu that represents your business’s attitude, the challenge’s requirements can become a symbol of your business. So by ensuring that you have the wow factor in your challenge and having your organisation’s name on any photo or advertisement that you put on social media, you will have the perfect recipe for getting customers through your doors.

Entertainment within your bar or pub is known to attract customers, especially those looking to relax and switch off from their day-to-day. However, knowing which activities to include is key. We recommend accessing which entertainment machines can occupy your customers for a long period of time; the longer they can immerse themselves in a game, the more time and money they will spend in your establishment. If you can provide something different, your punters will prefer your bar over your competitors and will return in the future. 

At Amusement Leisure, we cater to licensed premises such as bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels with only the best and most advanced technology. From fruit machines, quiz machines and jukeboxes, to pool tables for hire, we can help your business attract new customers! 

If you would like to browse our products, visit our collection here. 

After being stuck inside during lockdown, the population is itching to get out and socialise with their friends, family and colleagues. So why not provide them with a low-key event to put in their diaries? With those wanting an opportunity to chat but also something a bit different, an old fashioned quiz night is sure to go down well!

Take this opportunity to do something unique that will stand out and draw in more customers. By hosting an unforgettable quiz night on a specific day of the week, or even bi-weekly, you can do just that. You might be scratching your head at what “unique” could mean, but fret not! Simply coming up with unusual topics, themes, or new rounds for your quiz will be enough to spark people’s curiosity.

Topic ideas include ‘name the album cover’ and ‘celebrity mugshots.’ All you need to do is search online, and you can come up with some great inspiration.

Partnering with a charity to host an event or even raise money is a fantastic way to get customers through your door. By integrating charity work into your business, you can effectively build it into your brand, which allows you to be seen as reliable and ethical. And, these are qualities customers always want to get on board with and actively support.

Alternatively, hosting a memorable charitable event is another excellent way to spread the word about your business. Whether it gets people talking about the fabulous food, exciting raffle, or the glamorous dress code, no matter how your attendees are thrilled, they are more than likely to spread the word about your organisation. Therefore, potentially gaining you more customers.

Coming up with ideas that will effectively bring in customers to your pub or bar can be tricky. Although using our ideas above, you will see new faces walk through the doors in no time! And, this can provide you with the boost your business desperately needs after lockdown. Fresh ideas will not only bring both regular and new customers to your venue but will also help spruce up your space and make it feel more lively.

At Amusement Leisure, we understand that there are many ideas out there that can encourage customers to come to your bar. However, we know that entertainment is one of the critical methods. So, if you are interested in entertainment for your bar, we have a range of machines and flexible packages for you to explore. Get in touch to learn more here. 

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