Hotel Football Old Trafford & Amusement Leisure Partner To Help Keyworkers

Here at Amusement Leisure, we wanted to find a way to show our support and gratitude to the incredible keyworkers who are helping to keep our country afloat throughout the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since the 23rd of March, Hotel Football Old Trafford has been offering free accommodation to keyworkers and members of the MFT Manchester Foundation Trust, one of the very proud university hospitals in the North West. Those who are still continuing their duties at the hospital, along with other important keyworkers, have been staying at the Hotel Football Old Trafford as they didn’t want to endanger their families.

The hotel isn’t accessible to the public; instead, they have chosen to offer their rooms to keyworkers, including almost 70 hospital workers and essential keyworkers, so they have a place to stay free of charge while they tackle Covid-19 and look after our community.

As the frontline essential keyworkers were offered such a generous opportunity from the Hotel Football Old Trafford, they are lessening their chances of passing the virus onto their family members, especially as some of them are dealing with patients who have tested positive with the virus. Not only that, but it allows the workers to put patient safety first.

How Amusement Leisure Got Involved

We wanted to help the incredible keyworkers in any way that we could, and to support the hotel in their generosity, so we decided to supply them with some pool tables and a jukebox to keep those who are staying there entertained when they are off the clock. We understand that the individuals staying at Hotel Football Old Trafford are missing their families, and are significantly worried about what lies ahead, so we thought we’d deliver them with a piece of home and escapism.

The team here at Amusement Leisure couldn’t be more proud of the hard work, selflessness and dedication of all NHS and keyworkers. We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to join hands with Hotel Football and support those who are staying there.

What You Can Do During Coronavirus

We understand that not every individual and business has the luxury of supplying those who are serving our country with resources that’ll benefit them, but there are other ways that you can help. Firstly, donating money will significantly help the NHS when purchasing supplies that they need in order to treat patients, as well as protect themselves.

Head over to the NHS website now and donate £5 if you haven’t already. This small donation can make a massive difference. Secondly, if you own a hospitality business, why not offer key workers your products free of charge or at a discounted rate? Key workers are busier than ever right now, so supplying them with a meal will be much more appreciated than you might anticipate.

Whatever you can do, its time that we gave back to those who are risking their lives to administer patient care, keeping our shops stocked, our mail delivered, our communities safe and so much more.

Again, we would like to thank those on the frontline who are fighting for us. We are only representing a fraction of our gratitude, and we will look towards further ways that we can show our support and thank our fantastic keyworkers.

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