How To Attract Custom This NYE

While the current climate of the UK has meant that the hospitality industry has taken a step back, whether that means completely closing while in certain government tiers or turning to take-out options, this is all the more reason to take advantage of the festive period in 2020. New Year’s Eve, the big NYE, is always a night to remember for those working in hospitality, and those taking advantage of venues for the biggest events of the year.

NYE has been a tradition since 1752, and so it’s only right that you get prepared for a night that could make a difference for you and your business. In today’s article, we’re going to give you our top advice on attracting custom this NYE. By setting the right atmosphere and standing out from your local competitors, we guarantee that not only will you attract new custom to book your venue for the most special end to the year, but you will attract loyal custom for the fresh, exciting year ahead too.

The Food

One thing is for certain, good food is a definite ingredient to a fantastic NYE party. Attracting custom for NYE means that you have to pull out all of the stops. Depending on what type of venue you own, food can be more crucial than you may think. For instance, if you are a pub who also serves food, we recommend that you re-think your menu for this special night.

You may have a great menu already, including some English classics, but by serving the same food for such a glitzy event at your venue, this can dampen the overall aesthetic and vibe. Whether you already serve food or not, we recommend that you create a special NYE-inspired menu specifically for the 31st of December.

With scrumptious party food, you’re giving your customers the perfect accompaniment to their champagne. Get creative with your menu, have it speak for itself and we guarantee that it will catch the eyes of new customers who are looking for something a little more quirky and fun.

For example, BBQ tapas or camembert and warm, fresh breadsticks. If your venue doesn’t already serve food, setting up a party food buffet is still a good shout as it shows that you’ve gone all out for NYE and you can make additional profit on the ticket sales.

The Drinks

Similar to the food, when hosting an NYE party, jazzing up your drinks menu will make you stand out from the crowd too. Create some festive cocktails

(the glitzier, the better) or put on some great drink deals that new and already loyal customers can’t refuse.

From buy one glass of champagne and get another for free to five shots for ten pounds, potential customers will see the deals while walking past your venue and be instantly tempted. Additionally, why not have your bar staff learn some cocktail tricks or host cocktail making classes earlier in the night? By going the extra mile, your venue is going to be the place to be on NYE.

The Entertainment

What comes hand in hand with good food and lovely beverages? Entertainment. Whether you choose the usual DJ or you decide to hire an in-house live act, the entertainment is what will make or break your NYE party. Here at Amusement Leisure, we pride ourselves in being the North West’s number one stop for jukebox hire.

Jukebox hire, you ask? That’s right. Incorporate the unusual into your NYE party with a retro jukebox. These gorgeous, musical boxes go above and beyond your usual DJ. By hiring a jukebox, you’re adding character to your event and giving your customers an opportunity to get involved and have a personalised party in the comfort of your venue.

With over 30,000 songs embedded into a box, and allowing your customers to choose what music they listen to for the night, you will stand out from the next bar or club down the road.

If music isn’t all you’re thinking of, we can also provide you with further class A entertainment. From ping pong tables to darts to contactless pool tables, you can give your customers fun and laughter for the entire night. Visit our website for further information or read our blog post on how to keep your entertainment safe for customers.

The Decor

Last but not least, its time to decorate your venue. Your New Years Eve party needs to look the part as well as taste and feel it. Think big: banners, party poppers, glitter, balloons and whatever else you can dress your entire place in. Go even bigger with balloon arches, pop up photo booths with props and tassels hanging from every single door frame.

Like previously mentioned, going the extra mile is what will set your venue apart from others. New customers want to feel the excitement and a sense of unpredictability so that they choose your venue over their usual pub and bar destinations. By seeing a venue dressed to impress, you’ll be sure to have a full house.

Don’t forget, none of this will matter unless you shout about it from the rooftops. Make sure that you’re heating your social following up by advertising what you have planned and prop up posters on your venues windows so that it gives those passing by the idea to book in advance- because we all know that it can be a challenge to book somewhere on the busiest night of the year.

We hope that we have given you inspiration for attracting custom on NYE. Hosting an NYE party means showstopping decor, high-quality entertainment to get the party roaring and food and drink that’ll keep every single person satisfied.

However, don’t forget to stay safe and keep your customer safe by keeping within your local government guidelines for COVID-19. If you want further information on our jukebox hire, or for other entertainment ideas for your NYE party, head over to our website and request a quote today.

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