Meet The Mighty Earner That Everyone Loves

Gaming machineImagine a gaming machine that offers something for everyone, delivers an amazing cinematic experience and embraces players with its warm curved touchscreen…

You’re not dreaming, this is the reality of the outstanding Innov∞ Illusion.

Powered by Quixant, the world’s best gaming tech, it boasts a 43-inch 4k screen. And before you say 43 inches is just too big for your venue, we want to stop you right there. This mighty earner – the proven top earner – has a titchy footprint. With game content to suit all players, all audiences and all passions, all uploadable online, it’s a sure-fire winner.

We’re excited to be one of only three licenced distributors in the UK.

You’ll be excited when you see it.

Call us and we’ll sort a demo.