Monte Carlo Elektra the a new Cat C AWP game from Electrocoin

Monte Carlo Elektra is a new Cat C AWP game from Electrocoin. It is the latest pub and club machine breaking cash in records in the North West.
Monte Carlo is a dual screen digital Cat C multi-game awp / fruit machine and is housed in the recently released new cabinet. Containing a wide selection of familiar Electrocoin games with some new exciting ones plus the Monte Carlo feature. The Monte Carlo game can be won from any game that shows the trail on the top screen. Letters are added to the trail for every game played. Complete the trail to award one of five exciting features or the bronze, silver or gold pot.
Monte Carlo really stands out and is proving very popular. See the image here of the Monet Carlo at a site in Bolton.

Monte Carlo Elektra CAT C AWP Monte Carlo Elektra CAT C AWP

We have five of these on-site at the moment which is exceeding all ours and our, more importantly, our customer’s expectations. This means the Monte Carlo is a must for any forward-thinking venue.

If you have a pub or club in the North West and are looking for the latest gaming machines contact us now.

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