Innov∞ Illusion quiz gaming machine

Innov∞ Illusion

Imagine a gaming machine that offers something for everyone, delivers an amazing cinematic experience and embraces players with its warm curved touchscreen…You’re not dreaming, this is the reality of the outstanding Innov∞ Illusion.

Powered by Quixant, the world’s best gaming tech, the Innov∞ Illusion boasts a 43-inch 4k screen. And before you say 43 inches is just too big for your venue, we want to stop you right there. This mighty earner – the proven top earner – has a titchy footprint.

With game content to suit all players, all audiences and all passions, all uploadable online, it’s a sure-fire winner. We’re excited to be one of only three licenced distributors in the UK.

You’ll be excited when you see it.

Call us and we’ll sort a demo for the Innov∞ Illusion


  • 43 inch 4K screen
  • Small footprint
  • Proven top earner
  • Curved screen

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