Supreme Winner Pool Table

Supreme Winner Pool Table

Looking for a modern and high-quality pool table rental? Look no further than Amusement Leisure. Our Supreme Winner Pool tables are available for rental starting at just £15 per week, with no extra cost for regularly replaced cues, chalk, and balls.

Our experienced installers will handle the delivery, setup, and collection of the pool table, making the process completely hassle-free for you.

The Supreme Winner Pool table is a modern and stylish choice, available in 6 or 7-foot sizes and with either an electronic or mechanical mechanism. It’s the perfect addition to any bar, club, or entertainment venue.

At Amusement Leisure, we are committed to providing top-quality pool tables and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our Supreme Winner Pool table rental options and pricing.


  • Tournament quality British slate bed table
  • Endorsed by the World Eightball Pool Federation
  • 3/4 thick Italian playing slate
  • Contactless version available

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Adam Lewis
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