Summer Calls For Fresh Ideas At Your Venue

When discussing plans on how to freshen up your venue, making sure you are prepared – both financially and physically – is vital. Especially after being in lockdown for months on end.

Summer is calling, the population is itching to get let loose, and the days and nights are going to start getting brighter and longer soon. So it’s time to follow nature’s lead and start to freshen up! Your ideas, your venue – everything.

Out with the old, and in with the bold! 

The term “Location, Location, Location!” is still a big factor when it comes to how customers pick a pub or bar to visit, and rightfully so after spending so much time in their homes. However, this mantra can make things tricky for your venue – you can’t pick up and move your establishment to a more popular part of town, so you need to think outside the box to make your venue appealing… 

So let’s take advantage of the sunny season and take a look into how to freshen up your venue with five ideas to get you started.  

Light up the space

To freshen up your venue, you can really transform your space on a budget with some smart lighting. Although, there is a wide variety of lights that you could choose from – the style depends on your venue layout and the ideas you have in mind for it. Here are a few of our favourite –

Fun-filled fruit machines

Here at Amusement Leisure, we only distribute the finest and latest technology. Catering to licenced premises such as bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels, we offer a range of fun-filled machines that will keep your customers entertained and spending more. You can browse our collection here.

Fruit machines are a great way to keep your customers engaged, and they can modernise your venue. Don’t let your customers go fruitless this year!

Load up on paint

To revitalise your venue, coat the walls with a brighter colour of paint to give out warmer vibes to your customers, therefore encouraging them to enter your premises and spend time and money there. Think about the colour scheme that you want for your venue. Summer hues are normally white, yellow, orange, pinks, blues and greens, but really you can choose any colour you want and still be able to make it feel like summer.  

Ask yourself the following questions before you go ahead with a certain colour or colour scheme;

Bring the outdoors inside

Having indoor plants inside your venue is not only a fantastic way to freshen up your space in a fun and lively manner as they go with almost any colour scheme, but it is also great to give a sense of peace and well-being, therefore improving your mindset and mood. Customers that are happy within your establishment will more than likely return another time, so the more plants you have inside, the better!

Brighten up your decor

So you’ve brightened your walls, chosen a few plants to add to your environment, gotten more lightning and have an entertainment machine at the ready. Still think there is something missing? It could very well be your decor. Brightening up your decor – either sprucing up your tables and chairs with a few coats of paint – or even adding some new seat cushions – can bring everything together. 

Giving your business a summer fresh look can work in your favour and draw in customers, however, the five suggestions above is not all that you can do to freshen up your venue. There are plenty of options! You just have to sit down, have a think, and most importantly, plan it all out thoroughly. 

Freshening up your venue for summer won’t just aid you in getting potential customers in through the door, but it will also revitalise your mindset and get you ready for the work ahead. Here at Amusement Leisure, we know how difficult the past twelve months have been, and understand how important it is to reopen with a bang. If you need to find a new revenue stream, our fruit and quiz machines can provide you with a way to maximize customer spend. We have a range of machines and flexible packages, including our profit-share agreements, that can help any establishment with any budget. Get in touch to learn more.

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