The Game Pro: The New Fruit Machine From Reflex Gaming

Fruit machines a very popular addition to a variety of venues from casinos to pubs and clubs. They create an extra flow of cash as hopefuls risk their spare pocket change to make a profit or even hit the jackpot. But not all are successful, and that’s where the venue makes its money. It has been like this for years, with recognisable fruit machines in the corner of your local pub or lining the walls of casinos. But a new generation of gambling is on the horizon. The Game Pro machines offer a technical update to fruit machines that guarantee the latest and greatest games for your patrons.

If you are interested in learning more about this new machine then read on; it is a must-have for all venues that can help you to create a fun atmosphere that brings more revenue and returning customers.

What Are They?

The Game Pro is a new fruit machine from Reflex Gaming that is managed online using Reflex’s new Slingshot technology. With online management comes the ease of removing and managing the games on the system, allowing for regular updates of new games no matter the location of the machine. The system is always up-to-date and is optimised to ensure that the most of appropriate and lucrative games are always available.

Currently, the Game Pro is the only three screen Cat C game in the UK and is breaking all the cash box records. Having one at your venue is a must if you want to reap the benefits and increase revenue and see more repeat customers.

How Can Your Venue Get One?

While other operators may provide substandard or outdated machines for their sites, Amusement Leisure has the latest in digital fruit machines, including the new Game Pro, and are proud to only supply the very best. Always on the hunt for new sites, Amusement Leisure wants to increase their domination of the Northwest much further and get these games played by thousands across the country, making the hospitality industry more profitable. If you wish to revamp your sites entertainment or add to an already booming venue, the Game Pro can help to bring in the new customers who want to play the very latest games.

Amusement Leisure offers this new machine on both fixed and rental terms, making it accessible to any business who wants this new technology. There is no excuse for not having these new machine’s lining your venue’s walls

Amusement Leisure is always on the lookout for new venues to work with and provide excellent entertainment machines for. If you are interested in learning more about the Game Pro and other machines we have to offer, then contact us today.

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