The Top Summer Drink Trends Of 2020

Now that we’re in the last two months of Summer and restrictions are easing, allowing pubs and bars to reopen, it’s time that you started thinking about what your summer drinks list. Will botanical-inspired beverages be a thing of the past we wonder? Or are they still some of the popular drinks consumers are demanding?

Due to COVID-19, pubs and bars have had to stay closed over the last several months, but now that they are allowed to reopen, what better way to get prepared than with some fresh new tastes for your menu? That’s right! We’re talking fruity and refreshing drinks that’ll have your customers coming back for more. 

Please keep reading for some of the top summer drink trends of 2020 that your bar needs. By incorporating the delicious beverage trends below into your menu, we can guarantee that your customers will have some new firm favourite tipples.

Yo Ho Ho And a Bottle of Rum!

Well, we can safely say that gin took the spotlight in 2019, with new flavours such as peach, summer berries and rhubarb flooding the shelves. However, there is a new fish in town. Rum – the spirit that not many people considered a favourite is now soaring in 2020, and we expect this to keep happening for the foreseeable. 

For some in the past, this spirit has always been deemed as too sweet, but now, it’s popularity is rising as people begin to appreciate its complexity, similar to that of Scotch or whiskey. It all depends on the run you choose, however. Havana Club 7yr, for instance, is very smooth and the perfect blend of rum for sipping.

This Summer, we recommend stocking up on various types of rums – from dark to spiced to coconut-based. This will give your customers the opportunity to either drink it straight, with a mixer or as part of a spicy cocktail. 

Out With The Old, In With The New

Prosecco once was a firm favourite, but now it’s all about the sparkling wines. Over the past year, sparkling wine sales have soared over 100%, and for a good reason. We believe this is the ideal Summer trend to hop on board with because of their fruity components.

Grapes are in season, and with the combination of a little spritz, this accent of fruitiness is refreshing for the tastebuds. If you want to jump on this trend, make sure that the natural wines are part fruity and part dry so that you are giving your customers a true refreshment.

Add Sparkle

Now we all love a glass of whiskey or gin, but with such small servings, they don’t tend to last long. That’s why adding tonic has become the new craze. Yes, it’s maybe not an ideal way for someone to polish off a 30-year-old scotch whiskey, but certain whiskies are complimented lovely with added sparkle.  

Whether you stick to the general tonic or push the boat out with spicy ginger ale, you can make someone’s drink last longer and take the harsh edge off if needs be. If you’re looking to be a little more daring, why not suggest to your customers to add some tonic to their drink. 

Low-Cal and No-Alc

If your establishment hasn’t incorporated the new hype of low calorie and non-alcoholic beverages, now is the time. With Koppaberg’s new low-cal Passionfruit cider and their prized Strawberry and Lime cider being made into a lighter version, you can still give those who are calorie conscious an option.

These are ideal for customers who aren’t big drinkers but still enjoy the social aspect of a visit to your venue. Or for those who pull the short straw and are the designated driver! This drink trend has become vastly popular as of recent, and it is worth giving your customers the option instead of giving them no choice but to sip on a soft drink.

COVID-19 Cocktail Masterclasses

If your venue is still trying to recover from the pandemic, then it’s time that you think of ways that you can encourage custom. Why not begin hosting quarantini masterclasses? By hosting a socially-distanced and small cocktail making class, you will be giving your customers a fun activity to do which we know is needed at this moment in time.

You can incorporate the above trends into the sessions in order to gain feedback, and to determine whether or not you should introduce the trends into your establishment. It’s a great way to make money and satisfy customers, enticing them to visit your venue with friends and family in the future.

We hope that we have given you an insight into the Summer Drink Trends of 2020. What is your favourite trend out of the four? We are all about the rum! Now that pubs and bars are beginning to re-open, it’s the perfect time to offer something new. Returning customers will be more obliged to try new things since they’ve been at home for several months, after all!

What’s more, your menu doesn’t have to be the only way that you jazz up your venue. Here at Amusement Leisure, we can provide you with a fully-rounded entertainment solution for your establishment, while also keeping it looking modern and functioning with all of your bar equipment needs. Head over to our website or contact us on 01925 295951 to find out how we can help you transform your place.

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