Tips On Hosting A Great Valentine’s Day Event

Valentine’s Day still holds its novelty to this day. For the new couples, it’s an exciting day where they can go out for date night and kiss over dessert. For the older couples, they may feel that they don’t have to spend so much on this holiday so a night in with a take away will suffice. To ensure that everyone enjoys this romantic occasion, hosting an event at your venue for Valentine’s Day gives these couples something fun and affordable to do too. 

You can have atmospheric music, Valentine’s Day-themed food and drinks menus, as well as deck your space out in decor to bring the whole theme together. Keep reading for our top tips on how you can host a great Valentine’s Day event to get all of your loved up customers flooding in. Friends, family and lovers will all be coming to your venue year after year for great fun and food on this day that’s full of love.

Music for Valentine’s Day

The first tip on hosting a great Valentine’s Day event is choosing the right music. For Valentine’s Day, you will want to create a romantic atmosphere for your customers; and a great way to do this is through music. You can play romantic songs from the likes of Ed Sheeran, John Legend and Whitney Houston, and to mix things up, why not give the power of the music over to the customers?

Our digital jukeboxes allow your guests to choose what music they listen to. They can find the classic romantic songs, as well as the latest hits on our database. There are over 30 thousand songs to choose from! Not only is this something fun for your customers to join in on, but it also puts some extra cash in your pocket too.

The Perfect Food

If you serve food at your venue regularly, you can still incorporate it as part of your Valentine’s Day event. Rather than serving your regular menu alone, you can offer a special menu alongside for couples and families who have come to celebrate this romantic celebration. 

Work with your kitchen team to create a Valentine’s Day inspired menu, which is both tasty and affordable for you and your customers. You can have a set menu where you offer a starter, main and dessert for two people at a fixed price. These are often popular as they are seen as good deals and a little extra special for that couple that are venturing out to celebrate their love. A great tip is to think of starters and desserts which couples can share as this is often fun and romantic to do too!

Drinks to Remember

Valentine’s Day should be a night to remember, and if you have themed cocktails and drinks, they will be more than enticed to push the boat out. People like to treat themselves on Valentine’s Day, whether they are taken or single, and those who usually don’t drink might treat themselves to a tipple on this night. You can take advantage of this and create Valentine’s Day-themed drinks for them to have alongside their food.

Have a look on sites such as Pinterest for ideas on what drinks that you can make, as well as fun Valentine’s Day names for them. Or, let your creativity go wild and get your staff thinking of ideas too (you can make it a fun in-work competition!).

Valentine’s Decor

Having a great atmosphere and themed food is fantastic, but if you don’t dress up your venue, the theme doesn’t come together as well as it could. You can have cherubs and love hearts strewn across the rooms with bunting and even pink and red napkins showcasing the tables ready for the couples to enjoy their meals.

You can source all sorts of decorations from local supermarkets to decorate your venue, especially if you are on a budget. If you splash out on one or two pieces such as LED lights to hang at the bar, these investments will last you for many Valentines Day’s to come.

Advertise Properly

The Dark Ages have passed, so don’t be afraid to jump headfirst into the age of social media. Social media platforms are great for connecting with current and new customers and promoting your Valentine’s Day events. You can have channels on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and use them to share photos, information and so much more which will only entice people to visit your venue.

When planning your Valentine’s Day event, you need to decide when it will run. If Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, you might want to host two events, one the weekend before or after and one on the day so that you can get the most out of your efforts. Once you know what days you are hosting your event, you need to decide what time is best to open, close and serve food if you wish to. Once you have this finalised, you need to advertise the details on your social media accounts so that people can start planning for their romantic day.

Check out our website today to learn more about Amusement Leisure and how we can help you host a great Valentine’s Day event. Whether you want a contactless pool table or a jukebox for your venue on this special occasion, we will do our utmost in helping you transform your place so that its extra special for all of your customers.

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