Top Halloween Event Ideas For The Hospitality Trade

Halloween is a popular holiday for all age ranges, with kids out trick or treating and adults wanting some spooky fun with friends. As a hospitality business like a club or pub, you can take advantage of the popularity of this night and host an event to get the patrons flooding in. There are many different ways you can add some Halloween spook to your event this October. But, if you want to stand out from the crowd and be the best, then take on some of our advice. 

Read on for our top three ways you can make your pub or club the place to be this Halloween. The more popular your event, the more people post about it on social media, causing more guests to turn up!

Monster Mash Dress Code

The reason why many adults still enjoy celebrating Halloween is that they get to dress up for the night and be someone else. People love taking the time to find the perfect costume and go as someone they admire, find funny or love from classic movies or Horror films. Get a hundred adults in a room together dressed up, and you’re sure to have a vast array of costumes from cartoon characters to Jigsaw from Saw and everything in between.

By hosting a Halloween costume event, you can boost the popularity of your venue as people are more likely to choose you over a local pub not celebrating the holiday. If you’re a family-friendly pub, you can put some restriction of costumes that could be too risque, but if you are a nightclub, then let your guests go wild with their outfits. You can even end the night with a best-dressed award and gift the winner with a free round or bottle of alcohol.

Hire a Jukebox

A perfect way to stand out from other hospitality businesses and be the place to go this Halloween is to have the best entertainment. When you think of a Halloween party, you think of music like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ or AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’. Music like this gets you in the mood for Halloween partying, without sacrificing the entertainment to a cheap CD of ‘creepy sounds’. You can still sing and dance along to the music as it is something you recognise.

If you hire a digital Jukebox from us, you can have music like this playing all night long for your patrons. Also, it can be a new way to engage your guests and have them dancing the night away. Patrons can choose their own songs from the digital database, making the never-ending playlist a mixture of the latest hits and some Halloween must-haves. Rather than playing a boring old CD, hiring a jukebox can help to entice more people to come to your event.

Play Some Classic Games

Whether your event is for adults only or is family-friendly, there are some fun and quirky Halloween games you can play. Bobbing for apples is a classic game that we’ve been playing since we were kids. Make this game a fun competition for your guests to partake in or watch, with age-appropriate prizes for the winners.

If you want some more wild fun, then a mummy wrapping game is perfect. As the night goes on and your patrons get a little merrier, then this game is fantastic for watching. One person has to try and wrap another in toilet paper like a mummy as fast as they can to beat the competition. But, with their senses a bit disorientated, they might be tripping over their feet rather than wrapping up their mate. A great game to watch and play, you can buy some cheap toilet paper and have many rounds of this all night long.

Have the best Halloween event this year that creates happy guests and loyal patrons for many years to come. All you need to do is follow our advice and add something to your party to make it stand out. Check out our website for more information on our services and hiring our jukeboxes.

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