5 Things You Need For A Halloween Event

Halloween season is upon us! With Covid-19 making this Halloween a little less fun and a little more scary (if possible) than usual, you must bring back the nostalgia this spooky season for your patrons. Trick-or-treaters will probably be a no-go, so why not use this to your advantage and create a safe space for friends and family to have some Halloween happiness in your venue?

With closing times restricted to 10 pm, your venue can host a Halloween event which caters to families in the afternoon and adults in the evening. Different entertainment, decor, music and even themed food can ensure that this Halloween still feels as memorable and enjoyable for your patrons.

Please keep reading for our top five things you need for an spectacular Halloween event. By taking the time now to collect items, create menus and have a think about entertainment, you can plan an event which lets people forget about the horrors of the real world.

1: Spooky Decor

You can’t have a Halloween event without transforming your venue. You need to decide on what kind of Halloween you want to portray – spooky spiders, a witchy feast, cute pumpkins or a real horror house. Knowing your theme will dictate what kind of decorations to look for or make, so decide it as early as possible. Having a clear theme will also help your venue look more put together and impressive even when you have a low budget.

Take a look at places like Poundland, Tesco, B&M and Home Bargains around this time for great Halloween decor pieces for a small price. By spending a little money now, you can invest in pieces which will last you for a few years to come like lights, signs, reusable table covers and plastic serving dishes.

2: Atmospheric Entertainment

You want to make sure you have the right atmosphere at a Halloween event. While some chart-topping hits are guaranteed to put people in the right mood on a typical night in the pub, for Halloween you need some classic hits like Thriller, I Put a Spell on You and Monster Mash to get the old and young grooving at their tables.

Our digital jukebox is perfect for creating some Halloween fun for families. With thousands of songs to choose from, your patrons can choose their own favourite spooky and Halloween tunes. Letting patrons choose their own music not only improves their enjoyment but also gives you some extra pocket change too. Your business can make lots of money with a digital jukebox, by providing patrons with hours of endless fun, spending their chunk of change on choosing songs, and more cash on food and drink.

3&4: Halloween Themed Food and Drink

A Halloween themed menu is a fantastic way to make your event feel even more atmospheric. If you already serve food, why not add a couple of appetisers or specials mains for over the Halloween week to entice customers? You don’t have to go all out, but why not take a look at this article for some fantastic ideas. Mozzarella sticks can become witches’ fingers (with tomato sauce blood!), tacos can become monster faces, and some dough work can make skull-shaped pizzas. It just takes some creativity and fun!

Like themed food, you need Halloween themed drinks too if you want your adult patrons to enjoy the afternoon and evening portion of your event. As of 2018, over 70% of adults celebrate this holiday each year, so you need some creative alcoholic drinks to entice them to your venue. Try to create a menu that suits your overall theme, with a witch’s brew, pumpkin punch or spidery spritzer. People love a themed drink as it’s just another way to have fun on this holiday – and charge a premium on drinks.

5: A Costume Competition

What’s a Halloween party without a costume competition? Seeing your customers dress up as a range of characters, memes and horror icons is a great way to add to the Halloween atmosphere. Getting kids to dress up is easy, but you might need something to entice your adult patrons. A free round, £50 tab or a bottle of wine for the competition winner will get young adults and parents alike sifting through their closet looking for what they can turn into a winning costume.

Make sure you post about the competition on your social media and website with plenty of notice. This will increase the chances of more people turning up in costume, so it feels like a real Halloween party despite the social distancing and restrictions in place.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about Amusement Leisure and the range of entertainment machines we have to offer your venue. If you are looking for better music choices, something to keep your patrons staying for longer or to update your old devices, then get in contact with us today.

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