Are You Thinking Of Getting A Jukebox For Your Bar?

If you are thinking of getting a jukebox for your pub, bar or club here are some basic facts you should know –

Not all jukeboxes are the same. The better jukebox will make more money. This is fact. At Amusement Leisure we only use the latest Sound Leisure or Touchtunes jukeboxes. We do not use inferior products from NSM or Jaybox. Sound Leisure and Touchtunes jukes cost us more but will make you more money.

A jukebox must be kept up to date. The majority of income in a jukebox comes from the new releases and latest hits. All our jukeboxes are online. This way we can guarantee our jukes are always up to date. Insist on an online jukebox.

Make sure the background music settings are correct.  To ensure your jukebox performs the best it can you must make sure the background music / attract mode is set correctly for your venue. You need to encourage customers to pay to play their music but at the same time ensure the atmosphere is right in your venue. Ask your jukebox operator to manipulate the background settings until you are happy and your customers are paying.

Speakers and zones. If your pub or club has multiple rooms ask your jukebox operator to ensure volumes are set correctly in each room. Also insist on quality speakers.

Free install and no contract, unless you request it. At Amusement Leisure we offer free install, free support and no binding contract. We trade on our track record and reputation.

Contact me now for more information and special offers. We are actively looking for new jukebox sites in the North West.

Paul 01925 295951

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