Christmas Is Back On: What You Need For A Cracking Christmas Venue

Depending on your local tier, you may finally be able to open your doors to excited patrons once again. People want to get out of the house and spend some quality time with the people they love outside the four walls of their living room. And restaurants and other venues are the perfect places for them to feel normal and get a change of scenery.

With the festive season upon us, now is the time to deck the halls of your venue with the entertainment, decorations and special treats that will bring you customers and add a smile to your patrons’ faces. Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from pulling out all the stops. Even socially distanced people can still appreciate and love the festivity in a venue!

Do you want to make your venue as welcoming and festive as possible? It’s more important than ever that we get people into our businesses. Please keep reading for more information on how you can have a cracking Christmas venue which entertains and mesmerises your customers.

Elf-Approved Entertainment

Christmas is all about joy, happiness and laughter and you can’t have any of that without some elf-approved entertainment. Even in a Covid-19 world, there are ways that you can ensure your guests are entertained safely. Jukeboxes are the ideal form of musical entertainment for this time of the year. People can choose their music – festive or not – and relax with their family waiting for their Top 40 hit or Mariah Carey bop to pop on the speakers. Some sanitisation with spray or wipes between customers ensures its Covid-safe.

Similarly, a pool table is a great way to defuse the tension between siblings trapped in households or bring some fun back to couples wanting to get outside the house. Our contactless pool tables make it easier than ever for people to safely pay to play, before wiping down equipment after use. You can dedicate one team member to monitor the entertainment systems and keep on top of sanitisation. It’s much better to do this and provide entertainment than to have none at all.

Special Christmas Menu

We all love a Christmas dinner, and as much as it makes the Big Day special, we enjoy eating these treats throughout December too. Spoil your patrons and offer them a special menu, only available in the festive season, jam-packed with their favourite Christmas meals, foods and drinks that will bring a smile to their face.

Make sure you plan your menu with your chef and keep it in the budget. You need to consider what will be the most popular items and have enough stock to make these otherwise you might have some disappointed patrons!

Deck-the-Halls Decorations

The next thing you need to do is inject some Christmas cheer into your venue with perfect decorations. You want your venue to feel festive and welcoming to every customer that walks through your doors. Whether it’s a simple tree decorated in lights or hanging decor across the ceiling and 4ft Santa by the door – it will still make this season jolly!

You can get lots of different decorations from local supermarkets, trade stores and online shops. Just set a budget and have a look around. If you’re worried about spending too much, remember that many decorations that cost a little more can be used in future years; they’re an investment for future celebrations.

If you are interested in decking your venue’s halls this Christmas, then get in contact with Amusement Leisure today. We have the latest entertainment systems and music gadgets you need to bring laughter, joy and fun to your venue, despite the trying times. Our jukeboxes, contactless pool tables and slot machines can help you to improve dwell time and provide a new cash stream. Keep patrons happy, keep them safe and keep your doors open.

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