Drink Trends To Be Seen In 2021

While we went through a dry patch in 2020, and have begun 2021 with another, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get ahead of the game and be prepared for when your venue reopens with the trendiest drinks of 2021.

That’s right, we’re here to give you our top picks of the most popular drinks that you’ll see this year, giving you the chance to add them to your menu when the lockdown lifts. With the right menu combined with a great atmosphere, you will have all the ingredients for a successful reopening for your customers.

Low & Non- Alcoholic Beverages

Some of us may enjoy a tipple, but for many of us, we prefer to choose something that’s maybe a little less strong, and instead, refreshing and tasty. That’s where low and non-alcoholic drinks come into play. These were much the hype over the past few years and we can see why.

Brands such as Kopparberg and Becks have already brought out their own non-alcoholic products; making them ideal for those who enjoy the taste of their beverages, but not the hangover. Make sure that your venue is fully stocked with these in the fridge to prove that you’ve taken everyone into consideration.

Canned Cocktails

You’ve probably seen the already-made cocktails flooding the supermarkets, and for good reason too. From famous cocktails such as pornstar martinis to the more niche Kraken and coke mixed cans, this is a drink trend of 2021 that should be seen in your venue.

This is probably only suited to your pub or bar if you don’t already serve popular cocktails – but, it is a great way to introduce your customers to them!

Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey took a hit in 2020, not getting the same love as this treasured spirit usually does. However, we can expect it to make a comeback in 2021. Whether it’s on the rocks, within coffee or accompanied by a dash of coke, make sure that your venue serves it.

Unusual Flavour Combinations

While the entire nation has been in lockdown for the beginning of 2021, they’ve had the opportunity to get creative at home. Whether that’s through making cocktail concoctions or a sweet but spicy combination of liquor and citrus.

Passionfruit Malibu, Peanut Butter Stout & Jaffa Cake Gin are just three examples. By stocking your bar up with some strange flavours, there is a good chance that your customers will want to try them – and you could be the only one to sell such a delicious drink!

Wonderful Wine

Next, we have wine. Wine will always be a favourite, especially for the ladies, but what does the drink trends of 2021 have in store for this eternally loved alcoholic beverage? We can expect to see variations of grapes, different intensities in sparkling wines, and even more fruitiness with dashes of passion fruit and strawberry.

Hello Sherry

Sherry has been timeless since the 90s and we get why. With its hint of fruitiness, this fortified wine will be hyped this year. Whether someone chooses to drink it with a blue WKD for a cheeky vimto or they decide that straight is the way to go, we recommend that your venue serves sherry this year.

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