Effortless Extra Revenue

That headline might sound like an idle boast. It isn’t. We’re Amusement Leisure, the North West’s leading supplier of amusement and gaming machines. Our customers trust us because we don’t make idle boasts. We help them boost their profits.

Money is tight right now. We all know that. With costs rising, it’s important to maximise your income but most new income streams need substantial inputs: time, money, manpower or plain-old blood, sweat and tears.

But here’s the thing:

We have sites making over £1,500 every week on our fruit machines.

Just think about that. It could be a nice little Christmas bonus. It could help you get through the lean months that follow.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s a quote from a customer:

Paul at Amusement Leisure has been nothing short of fantastic. They installed a slot machine hire into our venue and it’s brought a significant amount of additional revenue into the business. ​
ADAM LEWIS, General Manager.

Adam’s words nicely sum up what we do, but we’d welcome the chance to tell you more.

Grab that extra revenue.

Call us on 01744 755270 or visit https://www.amusementleisure.co.uk/contact/