​5 Reasons Your Office Needs To Hire A Pool Table

Do your employees lack productivity? Or seem unhealthy and unhappy at work? It may be because they aren’t getting enough movement during work. They need to stretch their legs and release any pent up energy to focus properly on their tasks. Hiring a pool table for your break room can promote a healthier workforce, and encourage socialisation. It may be just what you need to motivate employees to improve their productivity and find more happiness and pride in their work.

Having a pool table available in your office can be the business decision needed to make big changes. Over half of professionals would be more likely to apply for a job that had a unique or cool workplace, but so far only 1 in 10 brits work somewhere with cool features. Improvements in your workforce mean improvements in your business. Not only can you increase the happiness of your existing team but you can attract new talent. This makes gaining new customers and clients much easier for you. To further understand the amazing benefits of a pool table in the office, read the following.

1. Increases Productivity

Pool table hire may be what you need to increase productivity in your office. It gives your employees the opportunity to get rid of any negative energy. By providing your team with the chance to play a game during their break, they can release their stresses and help them return to work feeling more productive. Their minds will be clearer, meaning they can be more focused on the tasks at hand.

It’s scientifically proven that happy people are more productive and loyal at work. Research shows that they are 12% more productive than someone who is just waiting for the day to end. If your employees are happy, then they are more likely to work harder. They will want themselves, and you as their boss, to be proud of their work.

2. Promote Workplace Friendships

Close friendships at work boost employee satisfaction by almost 50%. That’s the reason why businesses throw Christmas parties! But after the tinsel is put away, the friendships can start to dwindle, and you can find your team drifting apart again. A great way to promote long-term workplace friendships is through pool table hire. Having something to bring people together every day encourages your employees to become a real team. Employees are more likely to get to know each other and create a happy, friendly working environment. This can have a massive impact on your business. The more satisfied your staff are, the more productively and efficiently they work. It can also help improve your employee retention rate as they will be less likely to look for a new job if they are well integrated into the team.

It can also really help new staff members to start conversations and fit in. It can be hard to break the ice when you are new to an already established team. As an employer, you don’t want to force friendships or make your new starter feel uncomfortable. A pool table can give them the opportunity to speak up and inspire team spirit. If your employees don’t know each other or they don’t get along well, they can’t work effectively together on tasks. Togetherness and teamwork are essential for a successful company.

3. Create a Competitive Edge in Employees

Getting employees involved in a competitive sport can encourage the ‘go-getter’ spirit in them to emerge. This can be a huge advantage for businesses in competitive marketplaces as you can put your team in a driven and determined mindset. They can work harder, be more positive and work better in a group. Winning and being successful feels good, and employees will want to replicate this in their work.

Pool leagues and teams are ideal for an office environment. Plus, anybody can play as it is easy to learn the basics and is a very inclusive activity. You don’t have to be fit, both men and women can play, and you can play as a team or individually. Playing pool can also train your employees to think ahead and be strategic which are traits beneficial for work.

4. It’s Good for Your Health

Working can be hard on your body. Whether it’s working on a shop floor, in a warehouse or even working on an assembly line all day, it can lead to aches and pains which can distract your team from their work. Even sitting behind a desk all day has the potential to lead to issues like eye strain, upper limb issues and fatigue for those staring at computers all day. This can be very bad for a workforce. You want your employees to be healthy as this means less sick days and more productive working days. To avoid this, Health and Safety advises regular short breaks and to move around.

Pool table hire can be your solution. A typical 10-minute game allows your workers to get out of their seats and have quick breaks from work. It is a lot more fun than merely walking around gossiping at the water fountain plus it encourages more workers to take part. After a quick game or two with a colleague, your employees will be back to work feeling refreshed and ready to start working again. Playing pool is also classed as light exercise and has many health benefits so it can help to keep your staff healthy.

5. Create a Welcoming Vibe

Adding a pool table to your working environment can give the whole place a new vibe. People want to work somewhere that is “trendy” and “modern” and thanks to the American Giants like Apple and Google they can have high expectations. Hiring sleeping pods and bringing in office dogs can be big expenses and huge commitments. Renting a pool table can be a great way to modernise your workspace without going too extravagant. When paired with some little things like keeping the area well light and avoiding rows of desks, you can make your working environment much more laidback. Splashes of colour and motivational saying can also add a cool, hip vibe to your company. Create a happy and bright area that people are excited to go to rather than dreading. This can also help your brand as when people come in for meetings they can see the modern caring business that you are.

Seen the light? Decided that it’s time to modernise your working space and motivate your staff?

Here at Amusement Leisure, we supply pool tables to big brands like Matalan and Morrisons.

So many businesses are prioritising employee happiness, and before you know it, you could be the only place without something to help your employees relax during break time. Don’t be the business with the boring office. Get in touch today and find out about our pool tables that are available to hire from as little as £15 a week.

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