How Entertainment Keeps Customers In Your Venue

If you run a restaurant or a pub you are probably looking for ways to increase your sales. Attracting new customers isn’t the only way that you can boost your profits. Finding methods to increase the length of time your existing customers spend at your venue can make a huge difference to your business. But how can you get people to stay longer? Do they finish their meals and leave, or just stay for the one drink? Entertainment is the key to keeping customers in your establishment for longer, and it also increases the likelihood of them returning.

Quiz and Fruit machines challenge patrons to put their skills to the test. Whereas Jukeboxes and pool tables provide fun for all the family. Even if you only have space for one addition or a whole room you could dedicate to games, any entertainment can make a difference. Your venue can become a place where people come for a drink and a chat with their friends while playing engaging games. This can encourage more people to come and bring their friends and family. A great atmosphere is vital for a successful pub or restaurant. But the benefits aren’t just more drink sales and a longer staying customers, you can also earn extra income from the machines themselves, and we have establishments in Liverpool and Manchester making over £1000 a week on their machines!

Read the following for more information on why these forms of entertainment can boost your business.

Quiz Machines

Quiz machines can offer entertainment for all types of people. Fans of Monopoly, Deal or No Deal and more can find games and quizzes they can enjoy. The wider range of choice means people are more likely to spend their cash on these machines. They can pick and choose what games they think they can beat. And until they do, you will be making money!

Although the questions are hard, for most it is easier to play than fruit machines. They appeal to both young adults and the older customers as they are easy to use and understand. The questions can be wide-ranging, which encourages many people to play together at once. Often friends will gather and try to beat the machine and win the cash prize. This can provide laughs and memories for your clients, that they will want to repeat with each visit. By having customers returning not only for food and drink but also games, you can create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are a pub classic and have always been popular. People will go to casinos just to play them as they require less skill than real card games. By having one available in your pub or restaurant, you can entice these people to test their luck. Reserved for adults, it is a machine that won’t have a hoard of kids hovering around it or pestering patrons for a go. Customers can enjoy their game with a beverage, taking their attention away from everything around them. This puts your customers in a position of relaxation and enjoyment, encouraging them to stay on the machine.

By having a machine that does pay out, it can encourage other customers to play as they want to replicate their friend’s success and win some extra pocket change. Your customers are sure to reappear and even bring more friends with them next time as well. Adding fruit machines gives your punters another reason to stay beyond the beverages and food you offer. The jackpots and money prizes entice those willing to bet their money. And until they manage to win the top prizes, you will be reaping the benefits of cash and customers.

Digital Jukebox

Jukeboxes, unlike fruit machines, have no minimum age restriction meaning that all generations can enjoy them. These work exceptionally well for restaurants and pubs that allow children to accompany their parents as they are very popular with the younger generation. They can be a great way to keep the kids happy with a pile of coins while the parents relax. Digital jukeboxes can have an extensive range of songs from old classics to the chart-toppers, so there is something suitable for all ages. Jukeboxes encourage people to come up and fill the silence by paying for their favourite songs, and it can be a great way to increase your profits.

Jukebox Parties

Hiring a Jukebox for a special night can be a great way to attract new footfall and provide something new and exciting for your existing customers. You can use them alongside themed events like an 80’s night or a Halloween party to give your marketing a little something special. Giving your guests the ability to pick their favourite music easily can encourage them to stay for longer as they will be eagerly waiting for their songs to come on. It also encourages more people to get on the dancefloor. With Amusement Leisure when you hire a Jukebox for a Saturday night, you get it for the full weekend for around the same cost as you could get a DJ for just one night. Also, DJ’s can leave your venue messy and cluttered with wires, but, Jukeboxes can easily be stored in a corner or against a wall easily accessible to customers.

Pool Tables

Pool tables can provide entertainment for all ages, and people don’t need to be skilled to enjoy a game. Often cheap, only requiring £1 to play, it encourages those with loose change to partake. It can interest people who love to play weekly with their mates or those who just want to have a go and pass some time. Based on the skill of your customers, some people can play for longer than others. This encourages them to buy more drinks and food as the time passes by. Even those who are experienced players and whose games can go quickly may want to play repeatedly to improve their skills. And the more close and competitive the games get the more likely they are to stay on the table.

Providing more than one table would be a good option if you have the space to do so. This means more people can play pool at a single time. Often waiting for someone to end a game can become boring or take a little too long (unless they have another source of entertainment like a jukebox or quiz machine). This means they may be likely to call it a day and leave rather than wait. Not only will you be losing any potential profit on the pool table, but also any they would have spent on drinks. But, if they already have a table they can stay and play, drink and eat, and spend more money at your venue.

Another great way to keep customers in your venue is by starting a pool team or tournament. People love to get competitive, and it gives them a great excuse to get out of the house and spend some time with their friends. They take little time to set up and not only will you make more money on the pool table but your customers are more likely to return frequently for between game practice.

Hiring entertainment for your venue can greatly benefit your profits. It creates an atmosphere that encourages fun and welcomes new customers as well as returning clients. It can be the investment you need to gain more repeat customers and give your venue a better vibe. Your customers will appreciate the extra effort for entertainment, and it brings you added profits as well. If you are interested in adding some extra entertainment to your venue, contact Amusement Leisure today. We can supply equipment on a profit-share or rental basis so perfect for any business.

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