How To Change Your Venue To Fit the Millennial

We’ve entered an age where venues, the media and entertainment is being dominated predominantly by Generation Y, also known as Millennials. From young teens to late twenties, this generation grew up around technology and didn’t have to suffer without mobile phones and plasma TVs like the rest of us. While we can be old and bitter about this, complaining about them online (as many do), we can choose to cater to the needs of a Millenial instead, and reap the benefits.

Read on to learn more about how you need to change your venue to suit Millennials, or else face the future as a venue catering only to older patrons, losing profit and popularity.

Millennials Don’t Carry Cash

While as kids we might have been able to spend a whole weekend out and about with our friends and not feel worried for our safety, Millennials are much more aware of the dangers in our current world. With spikes in the muggings of students and young adults, people don’t want to carry cash anymore. It only encourages people to pick you out from a crowd and can cause you to lose large amounts of money – and end up feeling traumatised!

Instead, Millennials rely on their contactless bank cards to help them pay for things fast and easily. Although contactless cards were introduced in 2007, it took off in 2016 with the amount of contactless spending in the first half of the year outstripping the whole of the expenditure in 2015. It’s so easy to pay for small, inexpensive items with the tap of a card rather than putting the card in and waiting for the transaction to approve.

Don’t Miss Out on Profit

Rather than pockets full of change, Millennials have a contactless bank card, which could be detrimental to a venue owner with a cash-only pool table. Pool tables are a staple in any pub or venue and are something many of us have associated with these places since we were young. We’d challenge our siblings to games when we couldn’t even hold the pool stick properly. Then, when we are older, it’s something we play with friends to make losers pay for a round of drinks.

If you want more people to use your pool table, then you need to make sure that you are catering to Millennials too. We are the first in the North West to offer not only contactless pool tables but dual-pay tables where your patrons can pay cash or card. This means you aren’t missing out on any money or isolating the older generation.

Make Your Venue More Appealing

The media often makes out that most pubs are just hangouts for OAPs and drunks, but they are far from this. Pubs cater to all ages, even families until a specific time of night. And similar venues can also face the same harsh stereotypes. If you want to gain more customers and make your venue more appealing, then you need the entertainment to bring people in.

A contactless pool table is perfect for upping your image and making you stand out from the other local venues. You cater to the older generation who have played in pubs for decades as well as the Millennials who come in a couple times a week for a few pints with their friends. With something shiny and new to play with and a contactless form of payment, it’s something they can’t ignore. The pool table will be bringing them back week after week, and soon turn them into loyal regulars.

Check out our website today if you want to learn more about our contactless, dual-pay tables and how you can hire one for your venue. Don’t let your pub fade out of existence, and boost your popularity and publicity with a new pool table now.

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