How To Increase Employee Happiness In Your Business

Staff well-being and employee happiness are concepts that were ignored for far too long. Thankfully, in recent years, many of the most successful companies are starting to realise how important staff happiness actually is.  

Staff happiness is a two way reward for a business owner. When staff are happier, less tired and more motivated they will naturally want to work harder at their jobs. When staff happiness is a priority, productivity in the office will soar helping to boost your bottom line and create sustainable, long-term profitability. 

As well as profits, staff retention is also improved greatly when staff well-being is looked after. This means less time invested in training staff up for them to just become unhappy and leave, and a business that has experts working for it that genuinely want to see their company do well. 

So, how can you make your staff happier? 

Think about their workspace 

Up first is always making where they work a welcoming, inviting space. Create a workspace that is enjoyable to be in and watch your employees work harder. Light, airy spaces will promote collaboration and improve productivity. 

Bring the outside in wherever you can. According to World Green Building Council research: Workers who have outside views are likely to be up to 25% more productive and process calls 12% faster. 

If you can try to find office space with big windows this is one sure way to increase staff happiness. Playing music and encouraging regular breaks and conversation will make for an enthusiastic atmosphere and a motivated, hard-working staff. 

Work on Team Building 

Team building days out are a great way to boost staff happiness. Sure, it’s great to have a sociable workforce that meets for Friday drinks, but a happier workforce is one that genuinely gets to bond. This in turn will help to boost collaboration and the sharing of ideas when back in the office too. 

Facilitate team building with different events. Take a day out of the office with your team and visit an escape room, an outside activity such as climbing or sailing or a big staff walk to raise money for charity. 

Have Little Surprises 

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Having regular benefits in the office such as a bowl of free, fresh fruit or a free healthy breakfast is a great way to make your staff feel valued. If this is something your business can afford to do we definitely recommend it. 

Ordering in nice surprises too to say well done or thank you will make your staff feel appreciated. Order cupcakes, pizzas or a little gift for everyone in the office – just because. Or, better yet – give everyone an early finish after a particularly hectic week and let them know you really see how hard they’ve been working. 

Get Your Staff Moving 

The Get Britain Standing campaign revealed that most UK workers sit for an average of 8.9 hours a day. When you think this is actually more time than many people sleep each day it’s a very shocking statistic. 

Health experts have been warned for years of the health risks that come along with sitting at a desk for longer than four hours a day. From stiffness, joint pain, to problems with our backs the list is, unfortunately, endless. If you can promote movement in the workplace you will be contributing no-end to your staff’s well-being. 

Getting a pool table installed is the ideal solution to get your staff up out of their chairs and moving about the office. We offer pool table hire throughout the North West to businesses just like yours – on simple weekly rental deals starting from just £15 per week. 

Ques, chalk and balls are regularly replaced at no extra cost from us. Hiring a pool table for your break room can promote a healthier workforce and encourage socialisation. It may be just what you need to motivate employees to improve their productivity and find more happiness and pride in their work. Installing a pool table gives your staff something fun to do with their breaks. It encourages conversation, movement and gives your staff a chance to take a real break before going back to their desk refreshed and more motivated. 

To find out more, you can visit our website or call us on 01925 295951

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