How To Keep People Safe And Happy In Your Venue

With the latest government guidelines restricting business opening times, it’s vital that you keep customers coming – safely – so that you can keep your head above water. Ensuring your customers feel safe and happy means they are more likely to use your venue as a place to get out of the house and socialise with those they live with, or friends when restrictions allow it.

So how can you keep customers interested in your venue as summer ends and the autumn chill means beer gardens and barbeques are a thing of the past? Making sure your customer’s don’t feel at-risk when inside your venue is vital to making them happy, loyal patrons. Safety measures and precautions will ease their fears, while the best entertainment machines like contactless pool tables can keep them occupied and make it easier than ever for customers to pay to play.

Clean and Disinfect

If you are actively seen to be cleaning and disinfecting tables, entertainment machines and your hands, then patrons can relax knowing they are in a safe space. Mask wearing has become mandatory for all hospitality staff, so make sure your team follows the rules to reassure any anxious customers. This shows customers that you care about their protection and want to create a Covid-19-free space for them to socialise.

Why not create a ‘safety team’ or designate a team member to be on a cleaning shift? When this team sees a table leave or people finish with an entertainment machine, they can swoop in and carry out the necessary cleaning and disinfecting before the next set of customers use it. By appointing a person or team, you can guarantee that nothing is ever missed, reducing the chance of a Covid-19 case in one of your patrons, which could force you to close down as you deep clean.

Provide Entertainment

With the rule of six now in play again, it’s vital to provide entertainment in your venue. People may be visiting alone, or in small groups, so the atmosphere and banter won’t be the same. By having something for your patrons to play on or use, it can ensure they feel relaxed and happy in your venue. Digital jukeboxes are a great way to take your venue to the next level. With thousands of tunes to choose from, the golden oldies to chart-topping hits, it’s a sure way to get friends and family in a good mood – even if it’s just until 10 pm!

With cash payments becoming a thing of the past in a Covid-19 world, you need to make sure you provide entertainment that people can pay for. Our contactless pool tables are the first in the North West, and dual-pay means no matter if your patrons have cash or card, they can pay to play. A pool table is an excellent way for households and bubbles to socialise safely in their own corner of the room away from other patrons. Why not test out a few locations in your venue before settling on one? This will allow you to find the safest space for the entertainment machine, where it can easily be cleaned and disinfected after use too.

Improve Your Table Side Service

Many pubs and venues are improving their tableside service by introducing apps to help servers takedown orders or allow patrons to order their food themselves. This helps speed up the ordering process, meaning you can get more customers through your door. If you run a restaurant, with social distancing reducing your capacity, it’s important that your customers are getting served quicker, so they leave as early as possible, making way for new customers. Read more here on the types of apps you can get post-lockdown to help with the ordering process, or if the budget allows for it, contact an app developer for something more personalised to your venue.

Always Be Clear

At the end of the day, the best way to make sure your patrons are happy and safe in your venue is always to be clear about the rules. Make sure your rules are posted online on websites and social media, and on clear signs in the venue itself. This reduces the likelihood a customer will get upset if they are asked to wear a mask, walk a certain direction or stay at their table if they aren’t doing so. When rules aren’t clear, it can lead to arguments and disrupt your other patrons.

Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest government guidelines, and that your staff are aware too. If you have your own rules in place at your venue, make sure all team members are aware of the do’s and don’ts so they can back one another up if needed.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about Amusement Leisure and the fantastic range of entertainment machines we have to offer for your venue. In these uncertain times, we must provide a space where patrons feel happy and safe. This will ensure they visit more, in line with government guidelines, and have a safe space where they see friends and family outside the home.

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