Innovative Ways To Drive Traffic Post Lockdown

As we are in another lockdown, it can be hard to see a way out of it for your hospitality business. 1.8 million jobs in the industry have been hit hard by Covid-19, and we need new and innovative ways to drive traffic back into our venues post lockdown. It’s essential to follow any government guidelines when the lockdown is lifted, so make sure you and your business have implemented everything you can to comply. 

Getting customers to come back to your venue after lockdown could be a challenge but we know how important it is to not only welcome back old customers but to encourage new ones to visit.  Keep reading as we’ve compiled some great ways that you can drive your traffic back to how it used to be – or even better. 

Themed Events

A great way to improve traffic to your venue is to host themed nights. People enjoy a bit of a change every now and then so why not add a themed night once a week to spice things up? Try a Mexican night, Greek night or Indian night to change up how you do things. If you own a restaurant, you can add different items to the menu like Fajitas and Quesadillas on Mexican night to entice all those who love some spice. If you own a bar, you can mix up your special drinks that night, introducing tequila and margaritas into your menu. Customers like a change and by switching it up regularly, you keep people coming back each time.

You could also do themed movie nights or tv series nights. Have your chosen movie playing in the background whilst serving your customers with inspired food and drinks based on their favourite films. Check out some of our favourite inspired meals and drinks here. Entice them with extra incentives and discounts if they dress up.

Discounts and Offers

One thing that will always drive customers to come in will be discounts and offers. They may be the reason why some customers choose you instead of a competitor. One of the biggest offers is Happy Hour. This classic pub promotion brings in customers earlier than usual and means they might stay and carry on drinking afterwards. If your happy hour includes high-end drinks like cocktails, customers could stay and carry on drinking these after the hour is up. Happy Hour will bring back loyal customers but can also bring in new customers who want to drink for cheaper.

If you own a restaurant, you can offer food and drink combination discounts. Offering a free drink with any meal can be a great promotion and a driving force to encourage customers in. Customers might stay for more drinks after their meal or be encouraged to buy a meal even if it’s not what they came in for. 

Optimise your Online Presence

The most significant way to increase traffic to your venue post lockdown is boosting your online presence. With everyone stuck at home during the lockdown, what is the one thing they’ll be doing the most? Scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, looking for something to look forward to. This is a perfect time to start building up the hype of where customers can go when the lockdown is over. You can build up exclusivity by introducing waiting lists or create competitions to win vouchers for when you open again. Give your customers something to look forward to and something to get excited about post lockdown.

Boosting your online presence also means making sure all your online details are up-to-date and correct. Spend time over lockdown establishing your business, whether it’s on Google or a Facebook page so that when the lockdown is over, your customers know exactly where to find you and how you’re going to be keeping them safe.

Entertainment and Decor

Instagram is inundated with photos of food and drinks from different restaurants and bars. An Instagram-worthy interior and exterior is a significant driving force to get customers into your venue. Not only will they want to come in for the aesthetically pleasing food and drink you have on offer, but they will also want to take photos and videos of a selfie with a flower wall or LED sign that will look perfect on their Instagram feed. This will benefit you not only because they are coming in and spending money but also because they’re sharing your venue on social media. Their friends will see it and be interested, and then their friends will see it and it will go on and on. 

Another way to drive traffic post lockdown is the promise of great entertainment. Here at Amusement Leisure, we provide several different types of entertainment to keep your customers happy and spending. Get the atmosphere going by allowing customers to choose their favourite songs from the thousands we have on our digital jukeboxes. Or you could upgrade your pool table to one of our new innovative contactless pool tables so your customers can have all the fun and stay safe at the same time. 

Visit our website to learn more about Amusement Leisure and the fantastic range of entertainment machines we have on offer. By adding exciting and new machines to your venue, it can help to encourage people to visit your venue and stay for a fun and safe experience. Drive traffic post lockdown today with one of our contactless pool tables. quiz machines, digital jukeboxes or fruit machines.

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