Jukebox income is going up!

Income on all the Amusement Leisure jukeboxes is going up !  Sarah, our Superstar General Manager, has just created a report which shows the income on all our jukeboxes has increased by approximately 20% in the last year.

Amusement Leisure only supplies the very best machines, and this includes jukeboxes. Until recently we only supplied Sound Leisure jukeboxes but we now also have the TouchTunes Playdium jukebox.  This juke, the Playdium, is as good as it gets and the cashbox figures show this.  Choosing songs from a catalogue of over 1 million is EASY. It also looks amazing on site. A proper modern jukebox – the very best jukebox in the world.

We offer revenue share deals on all our jukeboxes. This means the jukebox costs you, the site, nothing. Amusement Leisure installs and updates the jukebox at cost – we then share the profit with you.

A good jukebox in your pub or club take up to £200 a week.  They also keep your customers happy on site spending money.

If you have a pub or club in the North West contact me today for details on the jukebox best suited for you and your customers.  We are particularly interested in pubs in Bolton, Wigan and Altringham – but we will go anywhere in the North West of England.  We are also looking for Clubs in the Manchester and Liverpool areas.  Contact me today about your jukebox – we could install within days.

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