Make 2021 Your Pub’s Comeback Year

From the 17th of May, pubs are officially allowed to take reservations for inside dining. This lifting of Covid-19 restrictions is music to all our ears! Bars, pubs and restaurants can once again be full of paying customers, as long as certain rules are met.

For inside dining to remain Covid safe, all customers must remain seated while ordering and eating their food. When walking to and from your table, or to the restrooms, masks and social distancing must be followed. However, with these considerations, it’s time for your pub to start making its 2021 comeback.

In order to get your pub back on track, there are four main points where you need to focus on when reopening your doors. Read on to find out our top tips aimed to help you recoup your sales from lockdown.

Top of our list is safety. Unsurprisingly, in these unprecedented times, staying safe and well is everyone’s number one priority. And, your pub is no exception. Having a safe environment for your business is essential, not just for paying customers but also for your dedicated members of staff. In doing so everyone can stay safe, well and happy, and good relations and productivity can remain. If your business is seen to go over and above on safety, your brand will maintain a good reputation.

However, in the government’s steps to relax social distancing, the safety regulations that allow this progress have increased tenfold. Your business needs to step up and meet these requirements, in order to keep people safe and Covid-19 at bay. Therefore, it is critical to implement what is necessary to comply with the Government guidelines and encourage customers to come to your establishment.

The Government regulations you must be familiar with and adhere to include the following;

Second on our list is entertainment. Yes, there are a lot of rules and regulations to follow for us all to return to normality. However, it is equally important to provide your guests with some entertainment to help them unwind from the stresses of Covid. A great and easy way to do so is by upgrading or installing entertainment for your customers to enjoy.

These games and machines should consider both solo players and small groups, allowing guests to have fun while they are, unknowingly, adhering to social distancing requirements. And, what’s more, your entertainment can help encourage your customers to stay a while longer and return another day.

Whilst karaoke may be out of the question for now, there are other methods of entertainment that can be used instead. We recommend:

At Amusement Leisure, we take pride in providing a hiring service for fruit and gaming machines. Our range is ideal for pubs, bars, restaurants and working men’s clubs looking for the best possible equipment. If you would like to browse our range, click here.

Next on our list is comfort! Everyone wants to be comfortable no matter where they go. So by having a high standard of comfort in your pub, you will encourage your customers to take a seat and even stay for a few hours.

Comfortability can range from safety measures to cushioned seats. Therefore, it is critical to assess your venue through the eyes of your customers to try and pinpoint what may need adjusting to improve your customers’ comfort.

Having a high comfort level is vital in your business, as the more relaxed your customers are the more likely you will receive repeat custom. Think about how you can incorporate plenty of Covid-19 safety measures into your interior subtly. Some of your guests will be nervous about returning to dining-out, so come up with ways to provide the necessary guidance without scaring your guests with daunting warning signs. Simply including one-way arrows that compliment your decor can help your guests stay safe, while momentarily forgetting about the stresses of Covid. If your customers feel safe and comfortable, they’ll be sure to frequent your business again.

Last but not least is customer service. Ensuring that your employees provide excellent customer service to all guests is essential for guaranteeing a high level of customer satisfaction. There are plenty of benefits of having a high customer satisfaction rate, from customers recommending your business through word of mouth and social media to receiving good reviews online. Moreover, with more customers receiving excellent service, in return, you will see brand loyalty established.

To help improve your guests’ experience at your pub or restaurant, think about ways you can improve their visit. A simple but effective way to see an overview of your guests’ opinions is to provide an optional survey or suggestion box. In turning to your customer’s for advice, they will see how you value their input. This respect can encourage them to frequent your business more.

By using safety measures, comfort, high levels of customer service and entertainment, you can ensure that your pub will come back with a bang during 2021. Achieving these four points is vital for any business, but you need to go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd to stand out from your competitors.

Here at Amusement Leisure, we understand how vital entertainment is within the pub and bar industry. So through low costs and package deals, we offer hiring services of a range of the highest quality technology. If you would like more information about our services or would like to discuss a contract, please get in touch with us today.

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