Make Your Pub Stand Out From The Crowd

Why is it important to stand out from the crowd as a pub?

With so many venues to choose from these days for your customers to socialise in – it’s increasingly important to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your pub.

A huge part of the competition is actually your customers choosing to stay at home where they can play games, drink and eat in a relaxed environment, so your pub needs to be really attractive to get people through the doors and then relaxing once they are there.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

Getting the basics right is really important – giving your venue a new lease of life can really help to entice your customers in. You need to consider aspects such as your food and drink offerings as well as your interior read our blog on ways to give your pub a re-fresh here.

Some pubs opt for big neon signs outside their venue, or fun picture walls to get customers through the door for that picture-perfect social media snap. This can be a good idea, but often customers will just pose for the photo and then make their way to the next bar without really making many sales or settling into your venue.

While all of this stuff can help to make your pub stand apart, the best way you can stand apart from the crowd is to really offer something fun and unique for your customers. Bars like flight club in Manchester and London are doing really well because they offer their customers a place to socialise, eat and drink but more than this – a place to play!

While the average pub owner can’t afford a kit-out for interactive darts like flight club, there are cheaper ways of making your pub just as fun to increase footfall and spending in your pub.

Hire amusement machines

Hiring gaming machines for your bar could be one of the best steps to take to help increase your profits and build your list of regulars. Pool tables, jukeboxes and fruit machines are all excellent gaming machines to keep the fun (and spending) going in your bar. But, why? Read on for a quick break down of the benefits of hiring for your pub!

Pool Table Hire

Jukebox Hire

Fruit Machine Hire

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Here at Amusement Leisure, we supply pool tables, jukeboxes and fruit machines throughout the North West and help bars increase their profits substantially.

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