Maximising Your Profits With Fruit Machines

Adding a fruit machine or two to your venue might not make you the local Las Vegas, but it definitely add some entertainment and gives you a new channel to boost your profits through. As much as we don’t want to admit it, if you compare your pub or venue to others in your area, it is likely that you will find there are some very similar to your establishment. Serving the same drinks, across a similar bar with interior that is not too different from yours. It makes it hard to stand out as a venue. By bringing in some entertainment in the form of the latest fruit machines, you become less of a small local pub and instead transform into a bigger, better venue that has more to offer.

Read on to learn more about how fruit machines can increase your profits as a business by bringing in more customers and enticing them to play against their mates.

Cheap to Play

Fruit machines are an excellent form of entertainment as they aren’t expensive to rent for venue owners or costly to play for customers. The last thing you want to do is rent something which is extortionate, and your customers don’t even use. Fruit machines have been around forever and have stayed consistently popular within the hospitality industry. Many people will play them just because they are a classic and it feels right to play with a beer in their hand and their mates around them. You can rent them for less than you think and make a good profit on a monthly basis – we have venues in Liverpool and Manchester making over £1,500 a week! 

Fruit machines are also popular because they are fairly cheap to play. Often, a customer only needs a little pocket change to play, which they see as the perfect excuse to get rid of the cash weighing down their pockets. It gives them the feeling that they are only losing a few quid rather than the hefty sums that they would gamble if they visited a casino. But, as an entertaining game, lots of people are willing to pay so even if they only spend a couple of pounds at a time, that money still adds up.

Competition Between Friends

Fruit machines might be popular for the solo player who has popped in for a cheeky pint after work, but they are also a great source of competition amongst mates. Not every group of gals and guys head to the clubs on the weekend, and as we get older, many prefer the comfort of a local venue rather than a loud club. But if you want people to keep coming week after week, you need some entertainment on offer. A fruit machine is the perfect way to give groups of friends a chance to compete against each other, seeing if they can get luckier than their last mate. They each can take a turn, and they can put all their winnings together and pay for a round!

Great Entertainment

If your venue is a little outdated, with no entertainment and the same top 40 hits playing each night, it won’t be a surprise to see a dip in customer influx. Maybe a new place has opened up that’s stealing your customers, or people don’t have enough fun at your venue anymore. If you want to maximise your profits and get your customers coming back, then you need to make your place more appealing.

Entertainment is key to making sure that you gain new customers who stay loyal. You want people to find your venue a fun place to be and recommend you to friends and family. If you have entertainment, you become the place people go for football matches, after Christenings and on the weekend to catch up with their mates. Fruit machines are a great low cost way to entertain your customers as Amusement Leisure can even work on a profit-share basis, meaning there is little upfront cost.

If you think your venue would benefit from a cutting edge fruit machine to make it more profitable, then contact us today for more information about our rental services. We can help make your venue more popular than ever, as old and new customers come flooding in.

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