Prepare Your Venue For Autumn

With lockdown being eased and people finally allowed back into their favourite venues, you need to make sure you are standing out from the crowd this autumn. Entertainment, decor, menus and exclusive deals are all great ways to bring the customers in and start making more money. With many businesses going bust as a result of Covid-19, it’s crucial now more than ever that you start to build your revenue back up and make savings in case of another lockdown.

Please keep reading to learn more about how to prepare your venue for autumn with some fantastic entertainment machines, top tips and decor changes that will make your patrons excited to visit. If you take the time and effort to add and alter a few things in your pub or bar, then you will see the payout in many more returning and new customers.

Plan an Autumn Menu

If you serve food in your venue, then why not take the time to craft an autumn menu? This could save you money as you source food which is discounted during this season. Therefore it will be cheaper than food that does not typically grow in colder climates and costs more money to purchase.

Talk to your chef about developing a new menu with root vegetables, whole grains, green vegetables and legumes at the heart of it. All of these will make for filling, tasty meals that leave people lining up to try your new menu. Alternating at least part of your menu every few months to match the seasons is an excellent way of always keeping people interested in your venue and bringing new customers through your doors.

Introduce Entertainment

With many of us having experienced a ‘bummer summer’ unable to go out to bars, restaurants and pubs, you will want to step up your game in autumn to remind your patrons what they missed. Music is always a great way to set the atmosphere and make your customers feel relaxed and welcome. Depending on the mood of your venue, you can play a range of music from the old goodies to the latest chart-toppers. Or, you can give patrons the power to choose the music themselves.

Amusement Leisure has a range of jukeboxes for hire in the North West and they have thousands of songs on their digital database. They will add some extra excitement for your patrons and give you the chance to boost your profits. Be the only venue in the area that offers the latest in this entertainment and have an edge against your competitors.

Put Up Autumn Decor

When we think of summer, we think of blue hues, yellow shades and pastel colours. Everything is soft and bright and reminds us of summer sunsets or beaches. However, when we think of autumn, we imagine fallen leaves, burnt oranges, browns and reds. Everything is warmer and more welcoming. You can use these associations to your advantage and change the decor slightly in your venue to reflect the oncoming season.

Think about simple changes you can make like different coloured napkins, pillows and artwork on the walls. Try to inject as much of the autumn palette as you can in smaller decor pieces, which when put together have a significant impact on the room design. If you have a larger budget, you may be able to change the uniform slightly with new shirts or even the simple addition of red accessories like scrunchies or ties.

Halloween Celebration

Halloween is one of the nation’s favourite holidays. Over 70% of adults celebrate this day, whether that is a night in watching movies, trick or treating with their kids or going out to celebrate with friends. This autumn, take advantage of this popular holiday and plan something special for your venue, which will attract patrons. Have a special drinks menu and themed drinks, Halloween music on a loop and some spooky decorations around the venue. Costumes are recommended, and the best can even win a round of drinks!

Check out our website to learn more about Amusement Leisure and the fantastic range of entertainment machines we have to offer your venue. By adding some entertainment to your venue, not only do you satisfy current patrons but also bring in new customers and increased revenue. Prepare your venue for autumn with these tops tips and introducing a jukebox or contactless pool table today.

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