The Best Pub Entertainment Of 2020

With 320 more pubs in 2019 than the year before, the competition for being the best ‘local’ is growing. If you want to be the most successful pub in your area and bring in the majority of customers, you will need top-quality entertainment. Not only is it a goal to bring in new customers but you should be aiming to retain them too. With entertainment that your audience will always appreciate and use, when new pubs pop up you won’t feel at risk of losing these loyal customers.

But what exactly makes excellent entertainment? During the daytime, pubs are open to families, including small children and young teens. But, when night arrives, you mainly need to entertain those who’ve just passed their 18th birthday and the older generations. You need entertainment which will provide fun for everyone, older and younger. 

Do you want to retain customers and bring in new ones? Please keep reading for our take on the best pub entertainment that’ll ensure to bring your venue into the forefront of your town.

Jukebox Music

Everybody loves a boogie, whether it’s your nan or your little brother (and those who don’t haven’t found their song yet). Our digital jukeboxes are a great way to create a more lively, upbeat atmosphere in your venue and get your customers up on their feet or dancing in their seat.

Because our jukeboxes are digitised with over 30,000 songs embedded into them, your customers will have thousands of songs to choose from, ranging from the old classics to the latest pop songs in the charts. Adding a digital jukebox to your venue will put you in a league above the rest of your competition who may rely on a CD or an employees phone to provide some musical entertainment. By offering your customers the chance to choose their music, they are more likely to be satisfied with the overall atmosphere.

Contactless Pool Tables

If you went out on the streets and asked people what they think of when they hear ‘pub entertainment’, they will likely name pool tables. Pool tables are a staple in most pubs, being a form of entertainment we remember from the days that we were begging our parents for a pound to have a go with our siblings. And as we grew older and learnt the rules, we played to win rounds and pints. It almost becomes a tradition to have one game with friends, even if we can’t play properly. 

Hiring a pool table for your venue is a necessity for gaining and retaining customers. Amusement Leisure is the first business in the North West to offer contactless pool tables for hire. Why lose out on customers who don’t have the cash to play? In this millennial world, you need to cater for the old and the young. Young people tend to carry less money and instead rely on their contactless cards to get about. If you want to ensure that everyone who visits your pub can partake in your entertainment, hiring a contactless pool table is the best option for you.

Quiz Nights

Another great way to bring entertainment to your venue is by hosting pub quiz nights. People love the chance to win some cash or free booze, but you don’t even need to make the winning prize that big to entice old and young to take part in these quizzes. You can host different quizzes every week, fortnight or month based around various themes and topics. If you host a ‘Friends’ quiz, you might have a house full of young millennials while the next week you could host a ‘Golden Girls’ quiz and have your seats packed with the golden oldies.

It doesn’t take much to host a quiz, just a host with a personality and someone to collect the entry fees and give out the prizes. So, why not give it a go yourself?

Slot Machines

Just like the pool table, slot machines are a pub staple which they cannot exist without. It is almost a ritual for customers of the older generation spending hours on these machines while they enjoy a few pints.

At Amusement Leisure, we want to be your one-stop-shop for venue entertainment, and this includes slot machines and fruit machines; with a full range of the latest £100 jackpot machines from 24/7 Gaming, Bell Fruit and Reflex Gaming, just to name a few. All of our fruit machines are updated and changed every 6-8 weeks, ensuring that you have the best quality entertainment in your pub.

Not only do you need these forms of entertainment to bring in customers, but they are great ways to make money too. For example, with our fruit machines, you can make up to £1,500 a week! Imagine the number of pints that you would have to sell to make this kind of money. Check out our website today to learn more about Amusement Leisure and how we can supply you with the best pub entertainment this year.

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