The latest Category C fruit machines from Bellfruit

At Amusement Leisure one of our guiding principles is we always get the best machines.  However the best machines are 1) often hard to get hold of and 2) expensive, but the best and latest machines make the most money. They make more money for you the site and us, your machine supplier.  For example we are currently operating over 50 of the top earning King Of Games digital machine. This is more than many national operators. We are able to do this because we have excellent relations with all the UK’s leading game manufacturers.

We have just taken delivery of a dozen new Batman Gotham City Category C fruit machines from Bellfruit.  This fruit machine has proven to be a big earner on a couple of test sites we had in May. A fruit machine like this should earn over £500 a week.  Contact me now if you want one of these fruit machines in your pub or club by the end of the week.

If you have a pub or club in the North West of England and want to make the most income from your gaming customers you need to ensure you have the latest machines. Contact me now – we are looking for new gaming sites all the time.  All enquiries are kept strictly private.  I can almost guarantee I will offer you better terms, better service and thus more cash income than your current machine supplier.

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