The Rise Of Jukeboxes In Entertainment And Showbiz

Jukeboxes have evolved so much since their creation; they can now hold thousands of songs digitally and can be easily transported to any location. Because of the technological developments and ease of access, it’s no surprise to see them in various entertainment sectors like talent shows and theatre productions. They make the perfect entertainment and can be used alongside acts and shows to enhance the experience for the audience. While still reflecting on a different era in their design, their technical upgrades have made it easier than ever to integrate them into various showbiz productions.

Read on to learn more about the rise of jukeboxes in entertainment and showbiz, and how they can enhance your productions whether it’s a local comedy stint or a big-budget play.

Theatre Productions

Theatre has developed so much over the past few decades as we’ve found new ways to portray characters and stories on the stage. So, it’s no surprise to see jukeboxes becoming a part of these productions. Plays and musicals can be set during any period, and with various designs to choose from, finding a jukebox to suit the setting is easy. As jukeboxes become digitalised and quicker to manoeuvre, it’s a less difficult task integrating them into the production of a play to make it more exciting for an audience.

Whether you’re hosting a small, low-budget theatre production of Grease or something a little more upscale, a jukebox can be the perfect pre-show entertainment or addition to the actual show to really bring that WOW factor.

Talent Shows

Paul, the founder of Amusement Leisure & Simon Cowell

Talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor and The Voice are all huge TV productions that captivate thousands of viewers if not millions every episode. But there is so much that goes on ‘behind the screen’. Thousands of contestants often wait in large rooms for their turn to be called up before the judges, maybe waiting hours. Jukeboxes can be used to bring them some entertainment and help them to relax before their big audition. We have even had one of our jukeboxes on the set of Britain’s Got Talent! 

Whether you need something for contestants to use while they wait for their turn to audition or as entertainment for the audience while they wait for the stage to be reset, you’re bound to get good use out of a retro jukebox. You don’t need to be Simon Cowell to integrate a jukebox into your talent show and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. They can work great for talent shows at your pub or bar!

Pre-Show Entertainment

Jukeboxes make the perfect pre-show entertainment for your audience. Because they are digital, there are thousands of songs to choose from that you can play to help relax and warm-up the audience before a gig or performance. If you have the jukebox situated away from the audience like on the stage or to the side, you can pre-select songs to play that means something to you, the production or your act.

If your event is something smaller, you could even have the jukebox out accessible by the audience so they can choose their own songs. This creates an immersive experience for the audience and will be something that they remember and bring up when reminiscing about that night.

There are so many ways that you can use a jukebox in the entertainment and showbiz industry. If you are interested in learning more about our various jukeboxes, then contact us today for more information.

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