Valentines Date Ideas During Lockdown

Although we’re in a national lockdown, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the romance and thrills of Valentine’s Day. 2021 is an opportunity for couples and new acquaintances to get creative when planning their V-Day date with their partner. 

Whether that means a candlelight dinner over Zoom or getting stuck into an activity, there are plenty of date ideas for during lockdown. 

1) Back Garden Movie Night

The first date idea during lockdown that we’re going to discuss is a back garden movie night. You’ve probably seen these all over your Instagram and Facebook, but we had to mention them. All you’ll need to set up this beautiful gesture is a projector with your favourite film playing, and a tent or tipi to cover your little den of fluffy cushions and blankets.

Well, of course, you can’t forget your favourite snacks and drinks too. Go the extra mile and make it as cinema-like as possible with slushies, popcorn cones and nachos. We guarantee that this outdoor date idea during lockdown will make your loved one feel extra special.

2) Zoom Call Dates

We understand that long-distance dating ideas during lockdown are harder to think up than the average movie night in a living room. Because of this, you need to think outside the box when organising your fun-filled Valentine’s date over Zoom.

Whether you set up an escape room challenge that you can both compete against each other or you simply send them a kit for making cocktails, their favourite meal or a simple jigsaw puzzle that when put together creates a photo of you both, make it as personal as you can.

At the end of the day, times are tough right now and you’re probably missing each other incredible amounts. Because of this, make Valentine’s Day extra special. When they receive their activity in the post, make sure that you have the same kit so that you can come as close to being together as possible.

3) Treasure Hunts

Although you may be limited to where you can go during lockdown, the beauty of treasure hunts is that they can be carried out anywhere. From the inside of your home and the back garden to a nearby forest, just make sure that you’re always following the government’s guidelines

Treasure hunts are also a great date idea during lockdown outside, meaning you can social distance if needs be. You can make a treasure hunt as personal as you desire too- with clues that relate to your relationship leading to a special gift. It’s fun, unique and takes you back to the rawness of your relationship.

4) In-House Spa Night

Next up we have a spa night. This is a date idea during lockdown that would only work if you already live together. However, this intimate concept gives you the chance to pamper each other and relax together as you have oils burning in the atmosphere.

Whether massages are on the cards or simple face masks while you have a bath together, an in-house spa night can replicate your ideal day at your favourite spa. If you want to be extra cheeky, why not ask your partner to paint your nails? It’s Valentine’s Day after all.

5) A Romantic Walk

Let’s take it back to basics with a walk. While walking has quickly become the craze over the past year, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favourite outdoor sights on Valentine’s Day too. Is there a local walk that you haven’t experienced together yet? Now is the time to check it out! Put down your phones and enjoy nature together. This is also a fantastic socially distanced date idea if you’re not living together. 

6) High School Dance

You’re probably wondering high school dance? Well, we all love rom coms such as The Sleepover, The Duff and the incredible musical Grease, and so what better idea than to recreate your own high school dance? This could give your other half an unexpected surprise. 

Dress up the living room with balloons, party strings and of course, music. This is also a great idea for reopening your venue! Hiring a digital jukebox and decorating your venue can bring in new people and re-engage your existing customers. Here at Amusement Leisure, our digital jukebox hire can add the perfect old school vibes to your own high school dance date. With the aesthetic of a luxurious 60s diner and a modern sound system, you will automatically transport your customers into their favourite film.

While date ideas during covid aren’t as easily planned, there are plenty of ways that you can still get romantic while also staying healthy and safe. If you’re looking for jukebox hire in the Northwest, get in touch with us today to make your date ideas during lockdown come to life. We pride ourselves in always delivering the highest quality customer service so that you can sit back and enjoy the time spent with who you love. We hope you have the best Valentine’s Day during lockdown.

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