What a Coronavirus-Free End To The Year Looks Like For Your Pub

The hospitality industry has taken a massive hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this has left several businesses in distress. Pubs are a prime example of how the consequences of the coronavirus have left businesses either struggling or worse. In 2020, more than 200 pubs permanently closed due to Covid-19. It’s fair to say that it has been an incredibly difficult year for countless people.

With this staggering fact in mind, it won’t be a surprise if further pubs permanently shut down if things don’t start to pick up. However, this doesn’t mean to say that your business has to follow in the same direction. With the new vaccines being introduced to thousands of people, and the first look at a Covid-free future, we can begin to hold onto hope.

In today’s article, we’re going to give you an insight into what we expect a coronavirus-free end to the year will look like for your pub. With the government’s support, implementing change such as adding contactless pool tables into your venue and the beginning of pubs reopening for good, we can begin to plan for what’s ahead.

Pub Curfews

In 2020, there were several reopening rules that pub landlords had to stick to in order to open again. From only allowing a certain number of customers to enter the premises to 10 pm curfews, pubs had to adapt several times last year. But, was the 10 pm curfew effective? It didn’t stop patrons from socialising up until this time, that’s for sure.

In 2021, we may need to expect further curfews. Although unbeneficial to pub owners who have lost out on further profit and the prime time to make sales, this will be another stepping stone to gradually getting back to normal. As we don’t want to overstep boundaries too much, too soon.

While this is said to help, there are many arguments that these curfews serve no purpose. However, to be on the safe side, we would advise preparing for them. If the new rules for pubs include curfews, make sure that you’re making the available hours as profitable as they can be.

If this means offering a new service such as food or hosting socially distanced events such as bingo in the afternoon or early evening, then so be it. Once we see a coronavirus-free future start to come into play, curfews will be no longer and pubs will begin to see an influx in customers in the evening as everybody gets their social life back.

Customer Capacities

As previously mentioned, a limited number of customers will be allowed in pubs at one time. This serves many purposes; obviously, it minimises the risk of coronavirus spreading, but in usual circumstances, it also lessens the risk of physical fighting, arguing and your bar staff becoming overwhelmed. With most pubs usually witnessing around 12 fights per year between males and females, limiting customer capacities can help this statistic.

Without social distancing needed, friends will be able to come back together at the end of 2021. But, would it benefit your pub if you controlled how many customers entered your premises still? Your pub’s reputation is always important, and if your venue is a place that usually encourages such public displays, maybe it’s time to set your own rules.

A Pub Refresh

With the pubs reopening in the UK from mid to late 2021, we need to think about what this could look like for your venue. Increased revenue, socialisation and culture will be brought back. However, are you prepared for it? Now that the pubs have been closed for some time, a lot of owners will have taken the time to refurbish and improve on their premises.

Whether that means offering new services or simply giving the walls a lick of paint, this could be the decision-maker for someone considering where to go. Many pubs benefit from their Victorian aesthetics, but with young people delivering a high percentage of profits these days, will a fresh, modern look appeal to them more? This is definitely something to consider if you want to reap as many benefits as possible when your pub reopens.

Have you considered pool table hire? Our pool table rental is the answer to giving your pub the upgrade it needs, without the heavy costs. With both traditional pool tables and our newest addition, the contactless pool table that we can offer, your venue will appeal to customers with a new means of entertainment. Everybody loves a game of pool, and the great thing about our contactless pool table hire is that whether players prefer to pay with cash or card, they’ve got the option to do both.

That means, both millennials and those who prefer to play with their loose change will always have the option to play. If you want further information on our pool table hire, get in touch with us today. Our pool table hire is affordable, and if renting isn’t your ideal means of payment, we can also offer a split profit option.

While the future of the hospitality industry may have further hurdles to overcome, with the right attitude and by adapting with additions such as pool table hire, you can still take advantage of the possibilities and ensure that your pub continues to thrive.

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