How To Get Your Venue Ready For Post-Lockdown

Most venues, whether that be bars, pubs, clubs or social clubs, will be taking a massive hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All public spaces are closed, meaning businesses such as these have either gone down or are struggling to find financial ground so that when all of this is over, they can continue to serve their communities.

However, due to government funding, hopefully, we won’t be saying goodbye to many of our favourite venues. Now that you, as the owner, have so much spare time on your hands, its the perfect opportunity for you to devise a plan of action that’ll ensure that your business thrives when the situation has been controlled.

Continue reading this blog for our advice on how to get your venue ready for post-lockdown. We’re going to talk about refurbishing, standing out against competitors and exploring ways in which your venue lacks so that when your customers return, this won’t be an issue anymore.

1) Revamp Your Space

The easiest and most obvious way of getting your venue ready for post-lockdown is revamping your space. Whether that means a new paint job, replacing old door knobs or seats because they’ve had a lot of use over the years, the possibilities are endless. 

Understandably, in pubs, the character lies in their aesthetic. If your pub has been around since the 50s, chances are you don’t want to take this feeling away from its atmosphere. If this is the case, there are other ways that you can revamp the place; why not try refreshing the venue’s entertainment solutions? 

Here at Amusement Leisure, we have several types of entertainment sources to choose from. Whether you want to upgrade your pool tables to our new, innovative contactless pool tables that ensures that everyone can have a match or you decide that a jukebox would look the part, especially at the weekends while everyone is having a boogie, then nows the time to look into it! Visit our website for our full selection of entertainment solutions.

2) Menu Changes

If your venue had a very limited menu pre-lockdown or you continuously got asked for certain drinks that you never had the ingredients or liqueur for, maybe its time to invest in what you were missing so that when customers return, they will have a much better variety to choose from.

In terms of food, maybe switch up some of the dishes that weren’t very popular to begin with. This way, you can experiment with your courses and see what people are willing to purchase moving forward. 

3) Hold Events

If your business was very much inclusive and not appealing to those younger or older, maybe its time to change that. This is especially beneficial for venues that are in a small town or village, giving people a lot less choice when choosing somewhere to visit. 

If your place is visited by the youth more so, hold wild 60s and 70s nights so the older generations can join in on the fun. Opposing that, if your pub, for instance, appeals more to those who have retired, hold karaoke nights because no matter your age, karaoke is always enjoyable.

Event venues are a great way to bring communities together, especially at a time that every individual has missed this interaction due to having to stay at home. So, no matter what type of event you hold, chances are people will want to attend as long as social distancing measures are met.

4) Social Distancing

Remember, now that we’re in a world that social distancing is vital, you must be thinking of these measures for your venue. If you choose to only let in a certain number of people, only allow one party to sit at one table or reduce the number of drinks sold to your customers, now is the time to be thinking about these rules. 

Also, make sure that there are ways in which your customers can pay that don’t result in them breaking social distancing rules. Contactless payments will be your best bet at ensuring the safety of your customers.

5) Hygiene

Again, following on from the last point, taking care of one’s hygiene is going to be such an essential way of life for everyone post-lockdown. Have hand gel located on each table, at the bar and in the smoking areas. Additionally, be consciously cleaning the premises, touch screens and communal surfaces after customers have been and gone. 

6) Think About Your Staff

Whether they are eager or nervous to return, you need to prepare your staff members for when they come back to work. Let them know what to expect, what you have put in place in order to keep them and the customers safe and reassure them that you’re there for them to confide in. 

We hope that we have given you some insight into how to get your venue ready for post-lockdown. Your entire facility and you need to be prepared for what is on the horizon. An influx of customers will be on the cards, as well as individuals who may not stick to the regulations.

There is so much to think about and prepare for so now its time for you to plan what you can do for your business and your target market so that customers can still enjoy spending time in your venue without the added worry and uncertainty that the global pandemic has brought on them. 

If your current knowledge isn’t up to speed on what the plan is for businesses in hospitality, head over to The Independent. In the meantime, contact us today on 01925 295951 for further information on how we can assist you in preparing for post-lockdown.

While we can provide you with class A entertainment, we also have all different types of bar equipment and sound systems that will ensure that your customers have the best experience while visiting your venue.

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