New Year, New Ideas For Your Venue

While 2020 was a whirlwind of uncertainty for the hospitality industry, we are becoming closer and closer to an end for Covid-19. With the Oxford vaccinations underway, and talks of normality settling in for the second half of 2021, it’s time that we speak about what this could mean for restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs.

Continue reading for our 2021 predictions for this customer-focused sector and how you can give your venue the best chances at taking advantage of the demand that lies ahead. Considering Digital Jukebox hire is just one example of how you can set your venue apart from the rest. 

What 2021 Could Mean for Hospitality

Big Hospitality stated that although the hospitality industry is hearing rumours of a full comeback by the Spring, there is still the fate of venue owners facing charges from their landlords after the moratorium ends in late March. 

This means debt and further establishment closures that the dry patch of 2020 delivered has left owners sparse in cash from their closures. Granted, some landlords have been understanding and supportive, and so we can only hope that a turnaround begins before the “bloodbath” takes place.

With this in mind, it’s in the best interests of venue owners to be fully prepared and adapted to what reopening will look like. Whether that means a refurbishment, identifying what a business is lacking, or simply offering what others don’t, it’s time to think outside the box so that when March hits, profits are made.

Hospitality Trends of 2021

EHL has recently listed its top 10 hospitality trends of 2021. From contactless convenience to a sense of personalisation, this brand new year opens up many possibilities for your venue. See below for our personal favourites:

Going Contactless

Dating back to the 1990s, contactless payments have been the hype for most businesses and customers. This advanced technology delivers convenience and ease while still being safe and secure. Because of this, 2021 is the year for your business to adapt to this new way of payment if it hasn’t already.

Here at Amusement Leisure, we have recently begun to offer contactless pool tables. That’s right, the same great, traditional game now incorporates this accessibility – making them appealing to all ages. No longer will customers need to turn out their pockets for spare change; instead, they can pay with the tap of a card. Find out more about our revolutionary contactless pool tables. 

Purposeful Experiences

During 2020, customers were met with new opinions on how essential spending looks. Instead of a continuous amount of luxuries, people began to take consideration in their purchases, and looking for ways to support their local community.

Because of this, your venue will appeal to them too. For instance, if you own/manage a pub and your town hosts a local brewery, why not offer this ale in your establishment? This gesture during such a tough time can lead to your business being valued and respected even more.

Another idea would be to support small businesses such as ourselves. We offer digital jukebox hire, as well as pool table hire and slot machine hire. The list goes on, and as we’re based in the North West, that makes us accessible to a wide range of establishments. Not to mention, that we always offer competitive prices – and even profit-share agreements! 


Your venues aesthetic is important, no matter its target audience. If you’re the owner of a Victorian pub, a level of authenticity should always be met. However, that doesn’t mean that a little jazzing up would cloud this. 

If you own your establishment, making it stand out to you will also help it stand out to others. Personalising your space is one of the best ways to make your pub look and feel original. For instance, advancing your entertainment solutions and adding a modern tinge to your venue could make all the difference.

Our digital jukebox hire is one example of how you can evolve your entertainment. Our jukeboxes hold the classic elements of a 1950s American Diner, while also encompassing the latest touchscreen and sound system technology. With over 30,000 songs already installed into their systems, you can’t go wrong. 

Jukebox Hire

At Amusement Leisure, we pride ourselves on being the leading digital jukebox hire company in the North West. With over a decade in the entertainment and hospitality industry, we know how important it is to deliver affordable and reliable jukebox hire. 

Our commercial jukeboxes are one of a kind. With the latest hits, as well as music dating back to the 70s, and with a box that is designed to draw attention, this music system will have your venue standing out in no time. 

Contact us today for our rates, further information, and if you want to find out more about how we can deliver you a fully-inclusive entertainment solution for your venue. Keeping your premises contemporary, unique and successful. 

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